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    Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven

    🔥 Authentic brick build for long-term durability

    🔥 Triple-insulated for safety and efficiency

    🔥 Cooks 2 pizzas at a time

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    Free mainland US delivery on most orders over $299 (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and areas deemed remote by the freight carriers).

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    We accept returns within 30 days. Read our returns policy here.

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    Experience the Ultimate in Wood-Fired Perfection
    with the Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Oven

    The Pizzaioli Rustic Premium is Hundreds of Years in the Making
    And Still Built By Hand

    It's Time to Level Up Your Cooking Experience

    Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven Dimensions and Warranty

    Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven Specs

    • Outside: 43" W x 26" H x 43" D (including chimney)
    • Inside: 31" W x 19" H x 31" D
    • Door: 19" W x 9" H
    • Chimney Diameter: 5.5" W x 6" H & 100% High Grade Cast Aluminum
    • Total Weight: Approx 1,750 lbs
    • Heating Time: 60 minutes or less
    • Maximum Temperature: 932°F

    Download the Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven specs sheet below for more details:

    Download Now

    Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven Warranty

    Authentic Pizza Ovens warrants its ovens to be free from major defects in materials and craftsmanship on the structural components for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase.

    This warranty may be invalid if the oven or any part is not correctly installed, cured, operated, and maintained according to all specified instructions at purchase.

    For more information, please click here to read the full warranty.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All pizza oven orders (with the exception of the Alfa Moderno Portable) ship freight.

    If you haven't experienced a freight shipment before, it can be a totally different animal than what you're used to.

    We recorded a video outlining how to prepare and what to expect during a freight delivery.

    👉 Watch it now! 👈

    Yes, the Pizzaioli Rustic Premium pizza oven will crack; it's physics. But it's nothing to be alarmed about.


    All brick pizza ovens crack and that's because of how they're made.

    Brick ovens are built with cement and cement holds water. When you start to cure your oven, the heat from the fire will cause the water inside the cement to heat up and turn to steam. That steam has to escape somehow, and that's what causes the cracks.

    The thickness of the cracks depends on how well you follow the curing instructions included with your oven.

    If you heat up your oven too fast, that steam will burst out, creating large cracks. But if you heat it slow over a number of days, that water will slowly bake out, creating small or even hairline cracks that you can then cover with the provided Ultra Fire Patch Kit.

    Regardless, cracking will happen and is to be expected with all brick pizza ovens. This doesn't effect the structural integrity of the oven and in Europe, it's seen as a sign of a well used oven!

    The Pizzaioli Rustic Premium pizza oven weighs approximately 1,750 lbs.

    We say "approximately" because all ovens are handmade, so there will be some minor variances in weight for each oven.

    The Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven will crack, it's physics and can't be avoided. All brick ovens crack.

    But depending on how well you follow the curing instructions included with your oven at delivery, will determine how wide those cracks will be.

    Assuming you followed it exactly the way it says and there are only small or hairline cracks visible on your oven, then you can use the included Ultra Fire Crack Repair Kit to cover/repair them.

    Watch the video below to show you exactly how to cover/repair the cracks on your oven.

    👉 Watch it now! 👈

    Yes, thanks to its triple insulation technology, the Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven is cool to the touch on the outside when cooking.

    No, we don't accept deposits or partial payments on orders; whether it's on backorder or not.


    We're required to pay the manufacturer in full prior to shipping your oven. Whether it's on backorder and we're preordering an oven on the next shipment to ensure it's yours, or it's in stock and you're waiting for it to be delivered.

    Paying in full is required at checkout to complete your order. No exceptions.

    The Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven weighs about 1,750 lbs., so moving it will require special equipment.

    At delivery, the oven will be crated and on a wooden pallet. To move it, we recommend 2 options:

    1. Pallet jack
    2. Forklift/Tractor with forks

    Pallet Jack
    You can rent a pallet jack at most big box hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowes. From there, just slide it under the pallet, jack it up a few times to get it off the ground, then drag it to wherever you want to place it.

    It's important to note that a pallet jack requires a smooth surface like a driveway or sidewalk. It cannot be used on gravel or uneven surfaces.

    Forklift/Tractor with Forks
    The next option would be a forklift or tractor with forks on it. If you have access to this type of equipment and/or know how to operate one, then this will be the easiest way to get it moved. Just slide the forks under the pallet, raise it in the air, then move it to it's final resting place.

    The only thing to be aware of here is the weight restrictions on your forklift or tractor. Make sure to double check before attempting to move the oven for safety purposes.

    The Pizzaioli Rustic Premium Pizza Oven weighs about 1,750 lbs., so picking it up and placing it on your countertop will require special equipment.

    There are 3 ways most people do it and 1 way that's a bit extreme (true story).

    1. Engine hoist
    2. Tractor with chains
    3. Crane
    4. Helicopter

    Engine Hoist
    An engine hoist is the most cost effective way, and can be rented at most big box auto parts stores.

    Just like it sounds, an engine hoist is used to lift engines out of cars so mechanics can work on them.

    Engine hoists also make great tools for picking up and moving pizza ovens as well. The Pizzaioli has steel hooks built into the frame of the base that can be used to pick up the oven. Just hook each corner of the oven up to the engine hoist and crank it up to the desired height, then move it over to set it down on the countertop.

    Tractor with Chains
    This is a great option if you have access to one and can safely operate it.

    The oven has steel hooks built into the frame of the base that can be used to pick up the oven. Just hook each corner of the oven up with chains rated to carry that much weight, then raise it up to the desired height, and move it over to set it down on the countertop.

    Cranes are typically used when options 1 & 2 aren't feasible. In most instances, the route to the backyard is too tight, too rugged, or there's not route at all (patio overhanging a cliff).

    A crane will be more expensive than options 1 & 2 because you'll have to hire a professional crane operator to lift and carefully place it on the countertop; oftentimes over your house.

    Please make sure to check on these costs before ordering your oven to ensure the economics make sense.

    This is your last ditch effort and often costs more than the pizza oven itself but where there's a will, there's a way!

    Contact a local helicopter company that's licensed to move heavy objects through the sky and have them airlift your oven to your backyard.

    This is only necessary if options 1-3 aren't possible. Often times for houses located in very remote areas.

    We actually had a customer do this for his remote mountain home...

    Was it as epic as it sounds? ABSOLUTELY 🔥

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