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    Over 2,000 years ago the first brick pizza oven was made.

    A lot has changed since then but brick oven pizza still reigns supreme at any pizza party.

    And there's nothing more satisfying than firing up an outdoor pizza oven and crafting a mouthwatering Neapolitan style pizza smothered in wood-fired flavor.

    Whether you grew up building authentic pizza ovens from scratch and thrive on terms like radiant heat, conductive heat, and maximum heat retention, or brand new and only qualified to hold a pizza peel, then you're in the right place.

    We've helped thousands of people find the perfect wood-fired brick oven for their outdoor living space, and we'd love to help you too.

    Whether it's an indoor pizza oven, wood-fired oven, or wood/gas pizza oven combo (dual fuel hybrid), we'll get you the right oven for your indoor or outdoor space. Cooking up homemade pizza in no-time.

    So throw away your pizza stone and grab a pizza peel. It's time to fire up your wood oven and cook restaurant-quality pizzas today!

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    Brick Pizza Oven FAQ

    Crispier crust and smoky, flavor enriched toppings are what make brick oven pizza so special.

    The extreme heat radiating from the dome and oven floor provides the perfect environment for locking in wood-fired flavor to your meat, cheese, and vegetable toppings while also eliminating excess moisture in the pizza dough causing it to rise and crisp evenly throughout the pizza.

    No, you can't use regular brick for a pizza oven. You should use firebrick.

    From a safety perspective, regular bricks can contain hazardous chemicals used in the manufacturing process that aren't safe to ingest. Firebricks are safe to eat off of.

    From a performance perspective, regular bricks are porous so they don't retain heat well and can't withstand temperatures in excess of 1,200°F without breaking.

    Firebricks are very dense so they retain heat very well and can withstand temperatures up to 1,800°F without breaking.

    Brick pizza ovens are the best for heat retention, temperature control, and long-term durability.

    Their classic design, round oven dome and refractory brick oven floor make it great for cooking pizzas, steaks, and even seafood.

    They're so well insulated that people often cook pizzas at night then wake up in the morning and cook bread or breakfast without even firing up the oven again.

    However, if oven weight is a concern, then you may want to consider a stainless steel countertop pizza oven. Real brick pizza ovens can weigh in excess of 1,300 lbs for a standard residential pizza oven.