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    Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven

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    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Wood Fired Pizza Oven by Authentic Pizza Ovens

    Please Note: There is no shiny sheen on the oven; pictures 1 & 2 are an exception. Please see image 3 for actual stone image.

    With so many different pizza oven options out there, how do you decide which one is the best wood fired pizza oven for you? This Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven review will take a closer look at some of its best features to help you decide if this is the perfect option for your home or business. This traditional wood fired pizza oven offers numerous benefits, including:

    • Premium rust-proof hardware, so you don't have to constantly apply rust preventative sealers to the door, chimney cavity and chimney.
    • Triple insulation and high quality construction, so that you get perfect heat circulation inside of the oven where it belongs while still keeping the outside of the oven cool to the touch.
    • Customizable, so that you can design it to fit the decor of your home or business.
    • Traditional brick dome shape, so the heat will flow over and around the food rather than cook it in direct heat.
    • Built-in thermometer, so you are able to make sure the temperature is perfect when cooking your pie.

    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven High End, Non Rust Cast Aluminum Hardware

    What makes the Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven different than a standard pizza oven? The upgraded hardware. Plain and simple. Instead of the typical cast iron door and stainless steel chimney cavity and chimney that require constant upkeep. You can now prevent all the headache and lost time by upgrading to a non rust, cast aluminum door, chimney cavity and chimney. This will not only save you time and nausea, but will ensure your oven lasts for years to come by preventing degrading rust.

    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven Quality Construction

    There are so many noteworthy mentions about the construction of this wood fired pizza oven. One of the best features of this oven is the triple insulated, brick construction. This allows the oven to retain its heat for longer, but it also makes it so that the outside is cool despite the high temperatures on the inside. With the door closed, the oven’s heat can be retained for up to 3 hours due to the quality of its insulation.

    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven Customizable Design

    Do you want an indoor option? Are you looking for an outdoor one? How about both? As long as you have enough ventilation, you can put this oven wherever you want it. You can either use it as a built-in or you can just set it on your countertop. The outside of the oven is also unmistakably beautiful. Covered in a various array of hand placed stone, this oven is a subtle statement piece for your home or business.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven with Both Doors Open and Fire Burning Inside Oven

    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven Round Dome Shape

    The brick dome construction allows for the heat to spread evenly throughout the oven, which means that you get a more even cook as opposed to constantly burning one side of your dish. This leads to less burnt pizzas and happier friends and family!

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven Specification Sheet

    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven Built-In Thermometer

    When you want to be sure that you are cooking things at the right temperature, an accurate thermometer can make all of the difference. This wood fired pizza oven comes with a built-in thermometer so that you can ensure that your food is cooking at the temperature that you want it to. This can be especially useful when you are cooking items like roasts and chicken, which can be very difficult without maintaining the right temperature.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Wood Fired Pizza Oven Thermometer

    How Many Pizzas Can the Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven Cook?

    The Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven can cook up to 150 10" pizzas or 80 12" pizzas per hour, in under 3 minutes per pie. You should expect to use 5-7 lbs of wood per hour depending on the wood's moisture content.

    What's Included with the Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven at Delivery?

    • Chimney: 6” spout with flu/damper. (Pipe extensions and cap available separately).
    • Ceramic Baking Dish: (10 x 14.5” x 3”)
    • Thermometer: 0-500°C
    • Ultra Fire Patch kit to address superficial cracks that will develop. Cracking is completely normal and to be expected in all terracotta and brick wood fire pizza ovens.

    Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven Specifications

    General Weight & Dimensions (Not Exact as Each Oven is Handmade)

    • 39" W x 31" H x 39" D OUTSIDE
    • 31" W x 19" H x 31" D INSIDE
    • 14.5" W x 12" H  Door
    • 5.5” W x 6” H Chimney
    • Overall Product Weight 1,250 lbs

    Please see the Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven Specification Sheet below for more details.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven Specification Sheet Download

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven Warranty

    Authentic Pizza Ovens performs in-depth, precise quality checks before any of their ovens are shipped to customers. Aside from dropping the oven there is nothing that can break, with that being said traditional Portuguese ovens develop cracks either inside, outside or both. This is a normal occurrence and should be expected to happen. It does NOT affect the oven, however the oven will come with a “patch” kit if it bothers you.

    As you do your research you will find that this is the case with all handmade Portuguese wood fire ovens. Therefore, a warranty does not extend to the normal cracking. Personally, we think it adds character and is recognized in Europe as a sign of a well seasoned oven.

    You may find that the bottom slab has a bit of crumbling upon arrival- that is normal and unavoidable.  Using the patch repair kit will be useful here too!  View the video below which shows how to apply the crack repair kit and what to expect from your new Authentic Pizza Oven!

    Normal Crack Repair and What To Expect from Your Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Pizza Oven

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    Tim Finch
    Lisboa Stone Finish outdoor kitchen Counter top Wood Fired Pizza Oven

    Beautiful oven, works very very well