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    ALFA Forni Pizza Ovens - America's Favorite Italian-Made Pizza Oven

    When you think of Alfa, the first thing that should come to mind is quality in craftsmanship and attention to detail. Alfa is a truly Italian-made pizza oven company, and you can see it in every aspect of their ovens. Now, you would think being completely built from the ground up in Italy would cost an arm and leg, but the Alfa pizza oven price compared to its Asian-made competitors isn't much more expensive. And the difference in cost more than outweighs the peace of mind you get knowing you're buying an oven that will last.

    Now, if you're in the US or UK you can't necessarily get an Alfa oven at Costco (sorry guys and gals, it's more exclusive than that) but you can get the Alfa Ciao pizza oven, Alfa Stone pizza oven, Alfa ONE pizza oven and 4 Pizze from hand-picked authorized dealers like ourselves. Heck, you can even get the much sought-after Alpha ONE pizza oven cover (this cover has been requested for quite some time and Alfa FINALLY came out with it) to snugly protect your Alfa ONE while not in use.

    This all sounds great but can you sum up the differences for me? You got it!

    When you compare their ovens to any other outdoor pizza oven on the market, it's not hard to see why an Alfa oven is the only logical choice:

    1. Crafted in Italy for over 40 years ensures each weld to each brick was thoughtfully placed with expert hands
    2. Wicked fast heating times with top-notch insulation get you up and cooking fast with less wood consumption
    3. Industry-leading customer service because THEY CARE

    Alfa offers a complete line of modern wood-fired ovens, gas ovens, and pizza oven accessories - all built to last and bring the pizza oven expert out of you.

    See which ALFA Pizza Oven style is perfect for you below!


    An elegant and timeless design that manages to combine the most traditional shape of wood-burning ovens with the latest technological innovation.

    View Classico Ovens


    Soft, rounded curves, custom colors and all the Alfa technology to convey character to young and dynamic outdoor spaces.

    View Moderno Ovens


    Minimalism, functionality and discreet elegance for ovens capable of integrating perfectly into premium outdoor kitchens.

    View Futuro Ovens

    Limited Edition

    An exclusive new Alfa collection with a unique design, inspired by the most famous Italian cities.

    Only 77 available.

    View Limited Edition Ovens

    ALFA Classico Pizza Ovens

    The CLASSICO Line pizza ovens have a timeless style. The references to the past and the noble materials used make them timeless and synonymous with elegance, luxury and value.

    The rounded dome and the stainless steel front that distinguish the CLASSICO Line models integrate perfectly in all environments characterized by refined aesthetics, making the outdoor spaces even more unique and welcoming.

    The design with a strong visual impact, however, does not neglect functionality: the landing is designed to improve the usability of the oven and offer the pizza chef an extra surface in which to manage the pizza, for an even more comfortable cooking experience.

    The high-quality stainless steel used to make the front and the landing guarantees that the ovens are solid and have excellent resistance to weathering.

    ALFA Moderno Pizza Ovens

    The front, with soft and rounded curves characteristic of the MODERNO Line ovens, is made entirely by hand by craftsmen specialized in Italy.

    The quality of the materials used and the choice of colour of the oven that best suits your furnishing accessories or outdoor kitchen makes the MODERNO Line models functional and perfectly capable of integrating with your home and your lifestyle.

    Curved lines, Italian design and the best of Alfa technology coexist in the Moderno Line and convey character and style to young and dynamic spaces.

    ALFA Futuro Pizza Ovens

    The FUTURO Line is the perfect synthesis of essential style and surprising performance, offering exceptional results in an extremely intuitive manner.

    The stainless steel arch that characterizes the models of this Line is skilfully bent and worked by hand by specialized craftsmen who make each piece unique.

    A simple and clean shape make this Line the ideal solution to complement premium barbecues in outdoor kitchens with a minimal and contemporary character.

    The functional design, the craftsmanship and the most innovative technology ensure the FUTURO Line ovens are reliable, robust and precise when cooking.

    ALFA Limited Edition Pizza Ovens

    The limited edition consists of 7 models, each characterized by a different glossy lacquer. In turn, each color is combined with a large Italian city, whose skyline is engraved on the oven door.

    This collection is based on one of our best sellers, the 2-Pizza oven from the Moderno line, customized with a series of details redesigned for the occasion.

  • “Limited edition” plate with product numbering (from 1 to 77)
  • Chrome ALFA plate
  • Black knob
  • High quality covers for the oven and accessories, with embroidered logo
  • “Limited edition” pyrometer
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