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    Gas Fired Pizza Ovens For Sale — Let's Get Cooking!

    Save time and convenience with gas pizza ovens powered by either propane or natural gas. You’ll be cooking up delicious pies and other delicacies in no time!

    Wait... Why not just use the oven in my house? We’re so glad you asked! Conventional ovens take longer to get up to temperature and do not achieve the extremely high temperatures needed to deliver a perfectly crisp pizza crust, typically in minutes.

    Benefits of Gas Pizza Ovens

    Cooking Space Conscious

    You gain some real estate cooking in a gas oven because you are not sharing the space with the wood fire. More room means more pies!


    Skip all of the prep time you would normally have with a wood-fired oven and reach desired temperatures in as little as 20 minutes and cooking times up to 5 minutes. Now that's what we call FAST! Quicker and easier prep time means more time with friends and family in your outdoor oasis.


    Cook more than just pizza in a gas pizza oven. Cook up various meats, breads, seafood, desserts, and much more! For ideas check out our latest recipes on the Pro Pizza Ovens blog.

    Easy Temperature Control

    Skip the stress of tending to a fire and constantly checking the temperature with a gas pizza oven. Convenience is key when it comes to cooking in these ovens!

    How to Choose the Right Gas Pizza Oven for Your Backyard

    A gas pizza oven can be the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen. Be the envy of your neighbors with the authentic Italian look and a taste that can’t be made in a traditional indoor oven. No more ordering pizzas for your next gathering. Want to replicate your favorite restaurant's pies? These outdoor ovens have you covered!

    Choosing the best gas pizza oven isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach! Make sure to ask yourself these questions before purchasing a pizza oven for your home:

    • Space - Where do you plan to put your gas pizza oven? How will you use your oven?
    • Size - How many pizzas do you want to be able to cook at one time? What do you plan on cooking in your pizza oven?
    • Set up - Do you want your oven to come pre-assembled or do you want to build it yourself?
    • Understanding your budget - How much are you looking to spend on your premium oven?

    Selecting a Model and Size

    Where do you plan to put your gas pizza oven?

    An outdoor pizza oven can be a main attraction when entertaining in your outdoor oasis. An important part of the decision-making process is where you plan to place it.

    When planning the perfect spot for your new gas pizza oven, make sure there’s a spot for the oven’s chimney to vent out and a gas line nearby. This is especially important if you are planning to put it under a roof or pergola.

    Weight will also come into the decision-making process as these ovens tend to be heavy! You’ll want to make sure you have access or can rent a forklift to bring the oven into your space. Not a possibility? A DIY Kit or a lighter-weight oven will be a must in these situations. Planning ahead before you buy is crucial!

    How will you use your oven?

    • Personal use or family?
    • Entertaining large groups and parties?
    • Mainly cooking pizzas or other dishes?

    How many pizzas do you want to be able to cook at one time?

    The size of the oven you choose will be dependent on how many pies you can cook at one time. Cooking for an intimate dinner for two? Setting up a pizza station for family fun? Throwing a pizza party for the next game night? Whatever your needs are, make sure you get the oven to match!

    • Small ovens: One 12 inch pizza

    These small ovens are a great option for someone who lives by themselves and occasionally wants to whip up a delicious pie effortlessly.

    • Medium ovens: Two to four 12 inch pizzas

    Medium ovens are ideal for a small family or even entertaining small groups of people.

    • Large ovens: Four to six 12 inch pizzas

    Large ovens are made for large families and all of your entertaining needs!

    Set Up

    Do you want your oven to come pre-assembled or do you want to build it yourself?

    • Pre-assembled kits are more convenient in the obvious way of not needing to do anything besides move it to your desired area when it arrives. Something important to note is that you will need a forklift or a bobcat with forks to move the oven to its place upon arrival as pre-assembled ovens can be extraordinarily heavy!
    • DIY Kits come customizable so if you’re looking to build it into your space then this style oven is for you. Note that you will need to build it yourself with the pieces and instructions provided.

    Understanding Your Budget

    How much are you looking to spend on your premium oven?

    • Prices for small gas-fired ovens range from $1,999 to $2,199
    • Medium and large ovens can vary from $1,499 to $8,999.

    Propane or Natural Gas?

    Most gas ovens will come set up with propane gas with the option to convert it to natural gas. You’ll want to decide this at the time of purchase based on your specific needs. The first question to ask yourself is do you have a natural gas line that can be tapped into? If yes, keep reading below on the pros and cons of propane vs. natural gas.


    With propane, you’ll always want to have a backup tank or two on hand in case it runs out mid-cook. Nothing is more frustrating than being halfway through cooking for your guests and your fuel goes out. Running to the store mid-party or just ordering takeout can be a huge bummer! So if you’re sticking with propane make sure to keep extra propane on hand!

    With Natural Gas - no worries about running out of fuel!


    There is no significant difference in performance, whew, one less thing to decide about!


    The cost can fluctuate frequently based on the fuel market. Also, the area in which you live can make a difference. These are things to research before making a decision based on where you live.

    Natural gas can cost approximately $.50 to $2 per therm, not including any monthly fees. For propane, generally, you can expect to pay $40-50 for a 20 lb tank. From there you can either refill or exchange it. Expect to pay $3-4 or $4-5 respectively.

    Upfront costs? For propane there are none! For natural gas, you’ll have to pay to have someone tap into the line.

    Overall, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to propane vs. natural gas. It can vary widely for each individual depending on where you live and if you already have a natural gas line available.