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    How do you complete an outdoor kitchen without the perfect centerpiece? A pizza oven gives you something that’s truly unique and scratches an internal itch to level up your cooking game that frankly, a standard setup just can’t compete with.

    But you may be asking yourself what is a pizza oven and what are the benefits when compared to your standard BBQ grill or kamado?

    Pizza ovens use an open flame and direct airflow from the mouth of the oven to simultaneously create three forms of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation) to fully cook your meals in minutes.

    This means your ability to whip up restaurant-quality pizzas and juicier steaks just got a promotion by default when using a pizza oven over a grill.

    Now compare that to your standard BBQ grill, which typically only directs heat from the bottom burners and uses a combination of convection and conduction heat to cook meals; and not always at the same time I might add, the top has to be closed to get both forms of heat.

    So open it up to check on your meal, and you’re cooking with one hand tied behind your back.

    This leads to meals quickly becoming torched on the bottom and the flavor dripping to the abyss of your catch pan.

    Let’s just say, that as you practice the art of a pizza oven, you’ll quickly see why it’s much easier (and fun) to cook meals with much deeper flavor profiles than a grill.

    It’s just science at work!

    And that’s not even the best part about pizza ovens. The best part is by far the absurd levels of heat that can be produced in a relatively short period. Temperatures over 1,000°F in 30 minutes or less are not uncommon.

    At those higher temperature ranges, it creates the perfect environment for cooking Neopolitan-style pizzas in 90 seconds or less, and sizzling tomahawk steaks that knock your wife’s socks off.

    It’s just a side effect, I don’t know why.

    But talk about living life on fire, right?! That’s something you absolutely can’t do in a grill or kamado.

    However, there is one downside to cooking in a pizza oven we want to make sure you’re aware of before investing in one. Like all great things in life, you need to expect a steep learning curve.

    Unlike grills, mastering a pizza oven is an art. We like to call it the art of fire. It’s why folks can get certified to be a master of a pizza oven.

    In Italy, they call them Pizzaiolos.

    But don’t worry, we’re here to walk with you, hand-in-hand to take you from zero to hero. Seriously, we’ve got the expert staff to help you choose the best oven for your backyard oasis, partnerships with world-renowned chefs to bring you inside information you can’t find anywhere else, and a community of folks just like you who are on the same journey you can tap into to talk shop.

    To sum it up, the benefits you get from pizza ovens over your typical BBQ grill include:

    • Simultaneous conduction, radiation, and convection heat to fully cook your meals all at once. This means fuller flavor profiles for your food and a more professional cook.
    • High temperature ranges up to 1,000°F to sizzle pizzas in 90 seconds or less that can easily compete with the best wood-fired pizzeria in town on quality.
    • Cooking in a pizza oven is an art that takes time to master. To tame the flame, you’re going to have to be willing to take it slow and be teachable to excel. This means learning from all the educational materials we’re going to send your way after you buy one and connecting with our community to level up. We’re here for you!

    Wow, buying a pizza oven sounds like a no-brainer, doesn't it? Find your perfect pizza oven today at Pro Pizza Ovens and start to fire up your cooking game!