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  • Spooky Halloween Pizza

    This spooktacular Halloween pizza comes alive with ghostly creatures and dough as dark as the night sky! This recipe is for those who want to take their cooking to the next level by making the dough from scratch and adding activated charcoal.

    Short on time?

    We get it - grab some pre-made dough from your local pizza shop and make this pizza on regular dough if you need to save some time! You’ll want to jump straight to step 5. We highly recommend making the dough from scratch though, the activated charcoal gives it that extra spooky feel.

    Spooky Halloween Pizza

    What We Love About This Spooky Pizza

    1. Nutritious crust with activated charcoal!
    2. Easily customizable for different allergies or tastebuds
    3. Unique spin on traditional pizza that everyone can get behind not just the kids!

    What You’ll Need

    • Pizza Oven
    • 2 large bowls
    • Cooking whisk
    • Infrared Thermometer
    • Pizza Peel
    • Heat Resistant Gloves>
    • Serving Dish


    Black Dough

    • 3 cups + 2 TBSP pizza flour
    • 1/3 cup activated coconut charcoal
    • 1/8 cup fine sea salt
    • 1/4 tsp yeast
    • 2 1/3 cups of cold water


    • Pizza sauce
    • 8-10 deli slices of mozzarella cheese
    • Large pitted olives

    How to Make Halloween Pizza

    1. In the large bowl, mix together the charcoal and flour. In the second large bowl, activate the yeast by mixing it into the water.
    2. Add the yeast mix to the flour mix and mix together to form a rough dough. Cover the large bowl and let rest for 20 minutes.
    3. Next, sprinkle the salt over the dough and proceed to kneed the dough until a smooth and stretchy dough is achieved. Cover the dough and leave it at room temperature to ferment for 16 hours.
    4. Once the dough has fermented, ball it into the desired size then proof for another 4 hours at room temperature. Another option is to put it into the fridge for 24 hours but you will need to let it sit out for 2 hours at room temperature afterwards before stretching.
    5. Once your pizza is stretched out to its desired thickness, it’s time for the fun part… Spooookalicious toppings! Take your mozzarella cheese slices and cut them into ghost shapes. Cut olives in half and slice one half of each olive into 8 slices.
    6. Now that your toppings are ready, pour the desired amount of “blood sauce” (pasta sauce) onto your pizza. Next, put the ghost slices onto your pizza and use the small pieces of olives as the ghost’s eyes.
    7. With the remainder of the olives, use the halved olives as the spiders body to put between the ghosts and use the remainder of the small pieces of olives as the spiders legs.
    8. Heat up your pizza oven to approximately 800 degrees F. Use your infrared thermometer to gauge the temperature of where you should place your pizza within the oven.
    9. Slide the pizza onto your pizza peel and cook for 1-2 minutes, turning halfway as needed for an even cook.
    10. Remove from oven and let cool before serving.

    Serve this spooky treat at your next halloween party or night in, for the kids and the adults to devour!

    Ryan Caswell
    Ryan Caswell

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