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    Chicago Brick Oven CBO 750 DIY Kit Built in To Outdoor Kitchen with Fire Burning Inside

    When it comes to wood-fired pizza ovens, the Chicago Brick Oven (CBO) series stands out for its exceptional performance and versatility. In this article, we’ll compare two popular models: the CBO 500 and the CBO 750.

    Whether you’re a passionate home cook or an aspiring pizzaiolo, understanding the differences between these ovens will help you make the best choice for your home or business.

    Exterior Dimensions

    Where do you plan to install your oven? What are the clearances for proper venting?

    The exterior dimensions of the oven matter when determining how big of an oven you can safely fit on your countertop or built-in to a new or existing structure.

    CBO 500 Dimensions

    The CBO 500 comes in either a DIY Kit or Countertop version. Both have compact exterior dimensions, and are a great fit for smaller spaces.

    Each oven's dimensions are in the chart below.

    CBO 500 DIY Kit CBO 500 Countertop
    29.5" L x 28.5" W x 16" H 32.5" L x 34.25" W x 44.63" H

    CBO 750 Dimensions

    The CBO 750 comes in 4 builds and each unit requires a bit more room for installation than its CBO 500 equivalent. This is due to its larger exterior housing needed to cover a bigger diameter cooking surface area.

    Each oven's dimensions are in the chart below.

    CBO 750 DIY Kit CBO 750 Countertop
    41.25" L x 34" W x 16.25" H 40" L x 35.5" W x 44.63" H

    CBO 750 Hybrid Kit CBO 750 Hybrid Countertop
    42.75" L x 35.25" W x 30.25" H 42.88" L x 35.5" W x 60.96" H

    Pro Tip: A general rule of thumb is to have 3 inches of space on each side of the oven for long-term safety when installing on a countertop.

    Cooking Surface Area

    Do you have a big family or a small family? Do you like to entertain or is it a party of two?

    The cooking surface area matters when it comes to the number of pizzas or dishes you want to be able to cook at one time.

    CBO 500 Cooking Surface Area

    The CBO 500 offers a cooking surface of 22.5" wide by 26.5" deep. It’s made for cooking one 12" pizza at a time. It's ideal for small families and intimate pizza nights.

    CBO 750 Cooking Surface Area

    The CBO 750 boasts a more spacious cooking area, measuring 28" wide by 38.25" deep. With this oven, you can easily cook two 10-12" pizzas at a time and serve up larger feasts for big families or entertaining.

    Chicago Brick Oven CBO 750 Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven Cooking Vegetables with Fire Burning Inside Oven

    Heating Times

    The larger the oven, the longer it takes to heat up. It's no different with these two ovens.

    CBO 500 Heating Time

    Thanks to its efficient design, the CBO 500 heats up quickly for a refractory oven and retains heat for extended cooking sessions. Expect it to reach around 700°F in 1 hour or less.

    CBO 750 Heating Time

    The larger CBO 750 follows suit, heating rapidly and maintaining consistent high temperatures for hours. It typically takes 1-1.25 hours to get the hearth up to 700°F.

    Good to know: The CBO 750 Hybrid models have the burners built underneath the oven hearth to heat the oven more efficiently than wood. It's a great way to preheat with gas then cook with wood to lock in the flavors.


    The CBO 500 vs 750 price varies based on model with the countertop versions costing more than the DIY Kits.

    CBO 500 Price

    With prices starting at $2,699, the CBO 500 offers excellent value for its refractory cement build, size and performance.

    All CBO 500 model prices are listed below for reference.

    CBO 500 DIY Kit CBO 500 Countertop
    $2,699 $4,549

    CBO 750 Price

    The CBO 750 begins at $3,149, making it a compelling choice for those seeking a larger cooking area without breaking the bank.

    Compare each CBO 750 model price below.

    CBO 750 DIY Kit CBO 750 Countertop
    $3,149 $5,249

    CBO 750 Hybrid Kit CBO 750 Hybrid Countertop
    $6,899 $7,999

    Chicago Brick Oven CBO 500 vs 750 - Final Thoughts

    Both the CBO 500 and the CBO 750 are high-quality pizza ovens that deliver remarkable wood-fired flavors, allowing you to create mouthwatering pizzas, roasted vegetables, and more.

    When purchasing either one, consider your outdoor space, cooking needs, and budget when choosing between these two outstanding ovens.

    Whichever you pick, your getting a rock solid oven!

    Still can't decide which Chicago Brick Oven is the right fit for you?

    Speak with our team of world-class pizza oven experts at (307) 215-9886 or send us an email at and we’d be happy to help.

    Stephen Caswell
    Stephen Caswell

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