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    Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven Review: Does it Live Up to the Hype?

    Alfa has built its reputation around selling quality, Italian-made pizza ovens that provide exceptional value for the money. And, the Alfa One Nano is one of their most popular in a long line of choices.

    Giving you 2.6 square feet of cooking surface area to not only cook a 12-inch pizza but also an array of bread and other dishes, the Alfa One Nano is a true Italian-style pizza oven that’s set up for anyone and everyone to reap the mouthwatering results of cooking perfection.

    But, with its surprisingly good price point, it’s reasonable to wonder if Alfa is actually any good. So, in this Alfa One Nano review, we’ve put our experience, the specs, and other customer reviews together to give you the skinny on this best-selling pizza oven to see if it’s right for you.

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    Table of Contents

    Features of the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven

    In-Depth Review of the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven

    Specs for the Alfa One Nano

    FAQs About the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven

    Our Final Thoughts on the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven Review

    Features of the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven


    • Reinforced stainless steel cooking chamber for long term durability
    • Double layer of ceramic fiber insulation to hold heat and prevent the outer shell of the oven from overheating
    • Four 1.2-inch thick firebrick floor tiles for slow heat absorption and gradual heat distribution to ensure a top-notch cooking experience
    • Thoughtfully designed mouth of the oven to maximize heat within the cooking chamber and provide more room for turning pizzas
    • Alfa patented heat deflector gradually drives heat from the flue of the oven providing superior cooking performance
    • Built to withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°F

    Ease of Use

    • Available in both gas (liquid propane and natural gas) and wood-fired models
    • Gas and wood models heat up in 10 minutes
    • Prepared for quick and easy assembly upon delivery
    • Exterior oven thermometer in Fahrenheit and Celsius for accurate internal temperature reading
    • Viewing window on the door for keeping an eye on your food while the door is closed
    • Extremely fuel-efficient for both gas and wood versions; the wood version requires less than 4.4 lbs of wood to cook for hours on end 

    Included Extras

    • Stainless steel chimney pipe and cap 
    • Slide in, slide out pizza peel for easily cooking pizzas, bread, and other delicious meals
    • Stainless steel wood holder available for wood-fired model only
    • Gas conversion kit available for gas model only

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    In-Depth Review of the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven


    When we first saw the Alfa One Nano, we were impressed with the high quality of this affordable pizza oven. The powder-coated steel design with an almost malleted finish looks stunning, it’s got an air of Italian quality about it with its sturdy yet thoughtfully engineered modern dome, and, it's easy to assemble; getting you up in cooking in no time upon delivery.

    The four 1.2-inch thick firebrick floor tiles are our preferred type because they’re so efficient at maintaining and distributing the heat thoroughly along the oven floor. Much better than cordierite stone.And, the slide-on slide-off flue system is perfect for easily putting the cover on the oven after each use. It's a nice touch, not having to screw and unscrew the chimney pipe whenever you want to use it.


    But, the performance of the Alfa One Nano is what’s really impressive. With a temperature range of up to 1,000°F, this oven can sizzle a pizza in under 90 seconds, bake bread low and slow, sear tuna next to its open flame, grill steaks, and even bake cookies and pies. The 2.6 square foot (one 12" pizzas worth) of cooking space is ideal for small families or a beginner who wants to learn the ropes on an oven with an easier-to-maintain cooking surface area.

    The cooking space is designed to be wide as opposed to deep. Making the wood-burning models easier to maintain the fire without having to reach far back in the oven to add wood. This design promotes the flame to roll over the top of the ceiling of the oven and direct heat in a circular motion, promoting a uniform cook. If you decide to go with the gas version, then you'll experience the same result, just without the mess.

    As is to be expected for a pizza oven of this size in this price range, the One Nano doesn’t have a lot of space to work with. But, that's actually a blessing in disguise. This makes the oven more fuel-efficient than larger ovens, leading to limited fuel consumption and fatter wallets. According to Alfa, the wood version can burn all evening on only 4.4 lbs of wood, while the gas version uses as little energy as two gas rings on your home stove!

    However, unlike Alfa's larger models, don’t expect to have all of your family's dishes be finished at the same time. There's just not enough surface area. But, cooking a 12" pizza in less than two minutes is certainly no issue, so if your guests don't mind waiting then this isn't a big deal. As with all pizza ovens, the larger the cooking surface area of the oven, the more expensive it becomes.

    In terms of temperature gauge accuracy, the Alfa One Nano is reliable. The built-in thermometer does a good job of reading the temperature within the oven, but relying on any oven's temperature gauge isn't recommended. Always use an infrared thermometer heat gun to know the true temperature of the floor tiles so you know exactly when to cook.

    Cooking Pizzas in the Alfa One Nano

    But, what’s extra worthwhile about the Alfa One Nano (and all of Alfa’s pizza ovens), is cooking restaurant-quality pizzas in your own backyard. Once you've tasted the extraordinary embodiment of flavor created by cooking with an open flame, you'll never look at takeout pizza the same again. It's truly life-changing.

    Now don't be worried if you think you want to get the gas version over wood. The crispy finish and perfectly cooked toppings are still going to be there. All without the mess and constant tending to a fire. However, you won't be able to get that infused smoke flavor in your pizza, so that's something to keep in mind. Either way, we can't get enough of cooking in this oven. It's a lot of fun!

    A final note, cooking delicious pizzas is to be expected in all pizza ovens but not every brand delivers on that promise. Alfa does just that and its promise to customers shines bright with this amazing oven.

    Included Extras

    Because extras are always appreciated, it’s worth mentioning that the One Nano comes with a lot of great items not typically included in high-end pizza ovens like this. It's a great perk to choose this oven over similar models in different brands.

    Venting system with stainless steel chimney pipe, and cap

    Pizza peel for easily cooking pizzas, bread, and other delicious meals

    Stainless steel wood holder for lifting the fire off the oven floor to promote quicker heating times and a cleaner cooking surface area (available for wood-fired model only)

    Gas conversion kit for changing your oven to Natural Gas from the factory setting of Propane Gas (available for gas model only)

    Cleaning the Alfa One Nano

    Once you’re done cooking and the fire has been exhausted, the Alfa One Nano is very easy to clean. The only tools you need to keep the oven looking its best are a brass bristle brush, an ash shovel, and a bucket.

    For the wood version, you'll have ash accumulated on the side of the oven the fire was located. To clean it, remove the wood holder from the oven and grab your brass bristle brush. Use the brush to sweep all the ash to the center of the oven. Once it's neatly piled up, use the ash shovel to shovel the ash from your oven into the bucket. It's that simple.

    If you have the gas version, then cleaning is even easier. Just grab your brass bristle brush and scrub the oven floor where your food was located. If you don't have a lot of waste, then just brush it into your bucket and you're done! Super simple.

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    Pros of the Alfa One Nano

    • High quality, Italian-made pizza oven for this price range
    • Heats up in 10 minutes or less
    • Thougtful fuel-efficient build for both wood and gas models
    • 1.2-inch thick firebrick floor tiles for professional-grade heat retention and distribution
    • Capable of reaching 1,000°F gives you the versatility to bake, roast, and grill practically anything
    • Built-in thermometer accurately reads the internal temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
    • Push to start lighting mechanism for easy flame ignition on the gas version
    • Simple to clean with no chemicals required, just brush it out and you're done
    • Price includes chimney pipe and cap, pizza peel, built-in thermometer, stainless steel wood holder (wood model only), and gas conversion kit (gas model only)
    • Premium mobile cart available exclusively for the Alfa One Nano. Fits perfectly and has wheels to roll around your back porch
    • Industry-leading 2 year warranty

    Cons of the Alfa One Nano

    • Smallest cooking surface area compared to other Alfa models (check out the full line here)
    • The firebrick floor tiles can chip and crack over time. However, this is true with all pizza ovens that use floor tiles as their cooking surface area
    • The oven doesn't come with a cover or all the necessary tools you need to get cooking. You still need an infrared thermometer heat gun, brass bristle brush, round peel, and ash shovel

    Specs for the Alfa One Nano

    Pizza oven type: Countertop

    Pizza oven material: Powder-coated steel

    Floor material: 1.2-inch thick firebrick

    Cooking surface dimensions: 23.6" (W) x 15.7" (D)

    Pizza capacity: One 12" pizza

    Max temperature: 1,000° F

    Fuel type: Wood (wood model); propane/natural gas (gas model)

    Price guide: $$

    Models: FXMD-S-LRAM (wood model); FXMD-GRAM-U (gas model)

    Exterior dimensions: 28.8″(W) x 25.4″(D) x 41.3″(H)

    Weight: 119 lbs (wood model); 123 lbs (gas model)

    Warranty: 2 years

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    FAQs About the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven

    Can the Alfa One Nano sit on a tile countertop?
    According to the manual, Alfa states that the One Nano must be placed on a non-combustible surface to prevent it from being a fire hazard. The oven must also be at least 8 inches from the wall or other appliances.

    Can the Alfa One Nano sit on a granite or stone countertop?
    According to the manual, Alfa states that the One Nano must be placed on a non-combustible surface, so granite and other stone countertops are okay to place it on. One thing to consider with granite, prolonged exposure to heat may discolor it over time.

    It's also worth noting that the oven must be at least 8 inches from the wall or other appliances when installed.

    Does the Alfa One Nano come with a cover, pizza peel, and firebox?
    The Alfa One Nano comes with a small pizza peel and wood holder for the wood-burning version and a gas conversion kit for the gas version.

    Both wood and gas models do not come with a cover. The cover will need to be purchased separately.

    What's the largest pizza you can cook in the Alfa One Nano?
    The Alfa One Nano can fit up to one 12-inch pizza inside it at a time.

    What is the recommended clearance from the top of the chimney pipe to the nearest combustible?
    According to the user manual, the recommended non-combustible clearance is a minimum of 3 feet below the roof. It's also important to ensure you position the One Nano so it's at least 8-inches away from the nearest wall or other appliance.

    Can the Alfa One Nano be converted to use natural gas instead of propane?
    Absolutely! The Alfa One Nano gas model comes delivered setup as propane but includes a natural gas conversion kit if you would like to make the switch.

    Can you use wood in the gas version of the Alfa One Nano?
    The Alfa One Nano gas model is not designed for use with wood. Alfa's larger models, like the Brio, Stone Medium, and Stone Large, can be used as a dual fuel (gas and wood) option when paired with the Alfa hybrid kit. However, Alfa has not yet come out with a Hybrid Kit for the One Nano and there have been no talks of one just yet.

    Our Final Thoughts on the Alfa One Nano Pizza Oven Review

    Alfa has helped to make high-quality pizza ovens affordable. And, there’s no denying, that the One Nano pizza oven is simply a great value for the money.

    A truly Italian-made pizza oven with a blistering 1,000°F temperature range, excellent fuel efficiency, and the ability to have it in either wood or gas, it almost makes this oven a no-brainer! And, with a 2-year parts warranty covering defects in manufacturing, you can’t go too wrong with this choice.

    Ideal for anyone who’s happy with an oven that can cook one 12" pizza at a time and features that are thoughtfully executed, the Alfa One Nano is versatile, reliable, and easy to use.

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    Still looking for a wood-burning pizza oven or want to upgrade your existing one but don't know where to start? I'd recommend reading our in-depth Wood Fired Pizza Oven Buying Guide to know exactly what to consider before purchasing one. It'll save you a ton of time and potentially wasted money.

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