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Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven

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  • Maxiumus Prime Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven by Authentic Pizza Ovens

    When it comes to choosing the best countertop wood fired pizza oven for your home or business, you’ve probably already realized there are A LOT of options! So, how do you decide which is the best pizza oven for your needs? This Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven PRIME review will dive deep into this portable oven’s top features to help you decide if it’s the perfect oven for your home or business. This wood fired countertop pizza oven offers numerous benefits, including: 

    • Handmade in Portugal, so you get that true, European craftsmanship at an affordable price here in America.
    • Triple Insulation and High Quality Construction, so that you get perfect heat circulation inside the oven where it belongs while still keeping the outside of the oven cool to the touch.
    • Countertop Design, so that you have flexibility in where you choose to place it. This will save you time and expense on a custom installation.
    • Unique, Patented Barrel Design, so that you get enhanced, 900+ degree heat circulation inside of the oven by creating the perfect flame. The best temperature to cook sizzling pizzas, tasty meats and mouth watering desserts.
    • #1 Choice of Top Local Chefs, so that you can feel confident knowing your Authentic Pizza Ovens brand pizza oven is hand-selected by only the most seasoned chefs.

    Maximus Prime is Handmade in Portugal

    When you started looking for a wood fired pizza oven, chances are you probably thought about Europe. And when we at Pro Pizza Ovens think of European pizza ovens, we think of thousands of years of high quality pizza oven craftsmanship. An oven build by hand and that skill passed on through generations.

    You probably thought the same thing.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens stays true to that thought. They work hand-in-hand with a multi-generational team of Portuguese artisans located just north of Lisbon, Portugal who have been handcrafting Portuguese style pizza ovens for decades.

    All of Authentic Pizza Ovens pizza ovens are built in Portugal using local materials to ensure reliable year-around cooking. Every oven is uniquely engineered to withstand the extreme temperatures of the United States vast climates, so you can feel confident knowing your oven will last in any season.

    So enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing no company is as committed to sourcing and building genuine, Portuguese style pizza ovens than Authentic Pizza Ovens.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven on Back Patio

    Maximus Prime Features Triple Insulation and a High Quality Construction

    Insulation and quality of construction is very important when choosing a wood fired pizza oven. Neglecting to think about how the oven is built and the types of materials used in that build could cost you thousands of dollars in the long run.

    Don’t make that mistake.We’ve seen it too many times and frankly, it hurts our hearts. 

    But don’t fret, Authentic Pizza Ovens has you covered. 

    The triple insulation construction and build quality of this portable wood fired pizza oven is unmatched, especially for the price point. It’s hard to find an oven that’s built in this manner without spending thousands of dollars more to get a similar result. 

    The outer wall of this oven is made of high-grade aluminum, to make it lighter. And the inner wall is constructed of double wall stainless steel with a high temperature, special ceramic blanket sandwiched between. Stainless steel is a perfect option thanks to its resistance to salt and sea corrosion if you live near the coast.

    What about the rest of the oven? The floor is made with refractory cement floor tiles to retain heat, while the inside structure is built of forged iron for long lasting durability. The decorative brick facade face is composed of refractory cement to add another layer of heat retention.

    What does all that ultimately mean though? This creates an oven that’s light enough to move around, to retain its heat for long periods of time, but it also makes it so that the outside is cool to the touch despite the high temperatures on the inside. With the door closed, the oven’s heat can be retained for hours due to the quality of its insulation and overall build.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven Cooking Pizza with Fire in the Oven

    Maximus Prime has a Flexible, Countertop Design

    Here at Pro Pizza Ovens, we've had the pleasure of speaking with a lot of customers over the years. And one of the biggest regrets we hear from pizza oven owners, time and time again, is the fact that they sold their home or business, and they couldn't bring their pizza oven with them.

    Oftentimes they describe it as “feeling like they’d left a part of them behind.”

    With the Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven you don’t have to make that gut wrenching decision. This oven is built to be flexible in its placement. You can set it wherever you’d like as long as the countertop can support its weight. And if you ever have to move, just take it with you!

    Don’t leave your new oven behind, make sure you consider a portable option for your next pizza oven.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven on Cement Stand in Backyard

    Maximus Prime Uses a Unique, Patented Barrel Design

    What's the first thing you notice when you look inside this countertop pizza oven? Its barrel shape, right?

    While most of the industry is stuck replicating the traditional, low dome design, i.e. igloo shaped ovens. Authentic Pizza Ovens has successfully charted a new path. A round, barrel shaped dome.

    The main benefit of the barrel shaped dome is the way in which the oven drafts. The fire, like most wood fired ovens, is built in the back of the oven. The heat rises then circles around the back of the oven and roof to the mouth of the oven. All standard stuff.

    But here’s where it gets interesting.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens has designed a second layer above the main cooking area where the heat and smoke are funneled from the front of the oven BACK TO THE BACK of the oven, then out of the chimney. By doing this, it allows the heat and smoke to pass over the top of the oven a second time, giving you that bubbly crusted pizza and true wood fired taste.

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven Cooking and Heat Flow of Barrel Design

    The Maximus Prime is the #1 Choice of Top Local Chefs

    Authentic Pizza Ovens brand pizza ovens aren't just known for their Portuguese style and value packed price point. They perform! And when top chefs look for an oven for their home or business, they look to Authentic Pizza Ovens to attain that true, wood fired taste.

    So next time you head to your local pizzeria or wood fired restaurant, take a look at what they’re cooking in. Chances are you’ll see an Authentic Pizza Ovens brand pizza oven cooking your favorite meals!

    Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven in Restaurant Backyard with Chef


      How Many Pizzas Can the Maximus Prime Cook?

      The Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven can cook up to four 12" pizzas at one time, in under 3 minutes per pie. Expect to use 5-7 lbs of wood per hour depending on moisture content.

      What's Included with the Maximus Prime Oven at Delivery?

      • Removable Stainless Steel Chimney with Flue and Cap
      • Ceramic Portuguese Baking Dish (10" x 14.5" x 3")
      • 10-inch Wood Handle Pizza Peel
      • Thermometer (0-500°C)
      • Ashe/Wood Holder
      • One Extra Floor Tile

      Maximus Prime Pizza Oven Specifications

      Weights & Dimensions

      • Outside: 39" W x 45" H x 39" D (including chimney/cap)
      • Inside: 35.4" W x 34.4" D
      • Door: 20" W x 11" H
      • Cooking Height: 12.5" From Floor to Upper False Ceiling
      • Without Chimney: 31" H
      • Chimney Diameter: 5.9" W & 100% Stainless Steel
      • Total Weight: 300 lbs

      Please see the Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus
       Prime Countertop Pizza Oven PRIME Specification Sheet below for more details.

      Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven PRIME Specification Sheet Download

        Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Warranty

        Authentic Pizza Ovens performs in-depth, precise quality checks before any of their ovens are shipped to customers. Aside from dropping the oven there is nothing that can break, with that being said over time your oven's refractory floor tiles may begin to crack. This is a normal occurrence and should be expected to happen over time. It does NOT affect the oven.

        As you do your research you will find that this is the case with all handmade Portuguese wood fire ovens. Therefore, a warranty does not extend to the normal cracking. Personally, we think it adds character and is recognized in Europe as a sign of a well seasoned oven. 

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              If you have any further questions about the ordering and shipping process, feel free to contact us by phone at 1-877-486-4335 and/or email at

            • Pro Pizza Ovens Offers Safe and Secure Financing Options

              If you are considering getting a pizza oven, but do not have the cash or credit available to pay for one right now, you may be thinking about other financing options. We offer one of the best financing programs in the industry. 

              We have partnered with two financing companies to give you double the chances of qualifying for credit: PayPal and Klarna. Both require you to apply for financing. You will fill out a loan application, and you are subject to a credit approval. 

              Pro Pizza Ovens has no control over the financing decision. This is solely the lender's decision based on your creditworthiness. 

              You will usually get a decision within seconds and be able to purchase that brand new pizza oven of your dreams right from our website.


              The world-renowned and respected leader in financing, PayPal, has offered customers of Pro Pizza Ovens an exclusive deal to get financing for any commercial or residential pizza oven over $99.


              PayPal Credit is a reusable credit line available on purchases at thousands of stores that accept PayPal. It's also available for purchases on eBay and exclusively at thousands of other online stores. Plus, it comes with the same security and flexibility you trust from PayPal.

              If applying for PayPal Credit you will need to have a PayPal account or create one. If you don't know how to create one read this wikihow article: How To Set Up A Paypal Account

              PayPal Credit is subject to credit approval as determined by the lender, Comenity Capital Bank, and is available to US customers who are of legal age in their state of residence. Promotional offers may not be available for purchases made on a mobile device.

              The financing lasts for 6 months and is only valid on approved credit.


              Klarna is one of the leading financing alternatives to PayPal and for good reason. They offer incredibly easy to understand payment options, as well as additional fraud protection covered by their Klarna Buyer Protection. 

              Pay over time with 6, 24, and 36 month financing options*

              • APRs from 0% to 19.99%*
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              • Get your purchases covered by Klarna’s Buyer Protection
              • * Promotional offer. Subject to a potential $2 monthly minimum interest charge‚ credit approval and terms. Accounts are issued by WebBank‚ member FDIC.

              How Do I Apply For PayPal and/or Klarna Financing?

              Please read the entirety of the instructions before you email or call. The next step may answer the question you have about the steps before it.

              1. Choose the product you want to purchase.
              2. Click the Add to Cart button on the product page.
              3. Click the Checkout button.
              4. Fill in your Contact Information and Shipping Address.
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                If you selected PayPal, you will need to sign into Paypal if you have not. If you do not have a PayPal account you will need to create one.

                If you do not know how to create one check out this wikihow article: How To Set Up A Paypal Account.
              11. Click the Apply Now button on the pop up: (hover your mouse over Apply Now)
              12. You will now be prompted to complete all the required information PayPal or Klarna needs in order to make a credit decision.

                Pro Pizza Ovens has no control over their financing decision. This is solely the lender's decision based on your creditworthiness. We cannot overturn a credit decision.