Why should you choose a Summerset Pizza Oven?

Add versatility and convenience to your backyard cooking experience with the Summerset built in pizza oven. This outdoor pizza oven provides an unbeatable taste that you cannot duplicate from your typical delivery pizza joint. All Summerset grills are made here in the United States. 

Advantages of the Summerset grill:

    • Gas Powered(with the option ofnatural gas) -  meaning you can use all of the space you get in your oven instead of losing real estate from the fire in a wood fired pizza oven. 
    • Full view front window- opening your authentic pizza oven can mean losing the heat necessary to cook up a quick and delicious pizza! The full view front window is the perfect fix to watch your masterpiece at work without sacrificing temperature and flavor.
    • Oven Max Temperature - 450 degrees. Pizza stone will heat up to 700 degrees in the oven.
    • Halogen cooking light - Cook in the evening with no problem with this high powered light to ensure a seamless night of entertaining friends and family.
    • Removable grease tray - Easy to clean, need we say more?
    • Built-in Storage Drawer - Conveniently put all your accessories in one place for a clean outdoor look.
    • CSA Certified - Feel confident knowing this oven has been certified for safety and performance from the Canadian Standards Association.
    • Free Pizza Oven Accessories - Large pizza stone (can fit up to one 16 inch pizza) and 3 large cooking racks.

Freestanding Summerset Pizza Oven

The Freestanding Summerset Pizza Oven is perfect for those who are looking for mobility as these ovens can be moved around your space easily. An excellent choice for those who have limited space or do not want a permanent installation. Place this in a finished backyard or even on your balcony! Versatility is impeccable with this outdoor pizza oven. 


What’s the difference between the countertop vs. the freestanding Summerset Oven?

This Freestanding Gas Oven is equipped with side shelving on each side that is perfect for food preparation when in use and folds down easily. This Summerset Freestanding Pizza Oven also includes a propane tank storage compartment that completes the oven to ensure a sleek look in your outdoor cooking space.

What’s Included with the Summerset Freestanding Oven at Delivery?

  • 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • 1 Main Body
  • 2 Large Cooking Racks
  • 1 Pizza Stone
  • 1 Bottom Grill Rack
  • 1 Grease Tray
  • 1 Wood Chip Smoker Box
  • 1 Flame Tamer

Countertop Summerset Pizza Oven

The Summerset outdoor counter gas pizza oven is perfectly designed for limited space or balconies. Its high quality stainless steel build ensures longevity for you to cook exquisite pizza and other unique dishes. Stand out amongst the average when entertaining for your guests in this authentic Summerset grill. 

Why Own the Countertop Summerset Pizza Oven vs. the Freestanding?

The countertop only version is perfect for those who already have a concrete, granite* or stainless steel surface. The countertop summerset oven is also an ideal option for those who want it permanently built into their outdoor kitchen space. 

*with this option make sure there is a ceramic board under the oven

What’s Included with the Summerset Countertop Oven at Delivery?

  • 1 Outdoor Pizza Oven
  • 2 Large Cooking Racks
  • 1 Pizza Stone
  • 1 Bottom Grill Rack
  • 1 Grease Tray
  • 1 Wood Chip Smoker Box
  • 1 Flame Tamer
  • Feet Kit

Must have Summerset Pizza Oven Accessories 

Accessories will give you the most out of your outdoor pizza oven. How do you know the right ones for your specific needs? Check out our most popular accessories specific for your Summerset Pizza Oven.

Summerset Pizza Oven Covers

You’ve decided on your perfect gas fired pizza oven. Congratulations! Now, protect your assets. Leaving the Summerset grill unprotected can lead to the stainless steel finish to environmental havocs. Dust, moisture, bird droppings, leaves, and much more can turn your outdoor kitchen centerpiece to less than perfection. No amount of polish will get your oven back to that pristine right out of the box look that it first had when you had it delivered… unless you protect it!


              Summerset Countertop Pizza Oven Cover                               Summerset Freestanding Pizza Oven Cover


Summerset 8-Piece Pizza Oven Accessory Kit

This is a MUST HAVE for all new Summerset Pizza Oven chefs! This starter kit comes with everything you need and nothing you don’t. Start cooking right off the bat when your pizza oven is delivered (P.S. Free Shipping when you order this accessory kit at the same time as your pizza oven!).

This accessory tool kit comes with:

  • Ceramic Pizza Stone
  • Steel Wood Smoker Box
  • Stainless Steel Grill Rack
  • Foldable Pizza Paddle
  • Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter
  • Leather Cooking Gloves
  • Stainless Steel Serving Spatula
  • 9 inch Pizza Wheel Cutter

Natural Gas Conversion Kit by Summerset

Love the oven but not the propane? This is the perfect option to convert your Summerset grill to natural gas. Make sure to have a licensed professional install and hook up to your natural gas source. In no time, you’ll be cooking with natural gas using this conversion kit by Summerset.


Summerset Built-In Pizza Oven Flange Kit

Are you designing an outdoor kitchen and want that finished and flush look? This is the perfect tool to remove any gaps or rough edges in your island. It is made specifically for this oven and is a must for built-in applications.