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9 Must-Have Pizza Oven Tools And Accessories in 2021

You may think that once you buy a pizza oven you can start making your pizzas immediately. This can only be true if you already have the right tools you need during the entire process of cooking pizza.

Making pizza on a large scale is not as easy as it sounds. You need to invest in specialized pizza oven tools and be equipped with the necessary skills to make a pizza like a pro. In this article, we will explore the tools and accessories you need to cook tasty and presentable pizzas. 

Pizza Oven Tools and Accessories 

It’s cheaper and more satisfying to make pizzas at home than buying in your local hotel. Before you think of making a pizza, do you have the below items?

1. Pizza Cookbook

If you want to make delicious pizza from your wood-fired pizza oven, it is important to have a pizza cookbook. The book has over 85 challenging and straightforward recipes. Besides, the book offers tips and techniques to help you become an expert in making pizza.

2. Heat Resistant Gloves

Wearing durable heat-resistant gloves while operating a pizza oven will protect your hands and forearms from heat and fire even when the temperature reaches 800F. Gloves also help you work faster and feel comfortable during the cooking process.

3. Deluxe Oven Cover

When you buy a pizza oven, you need to keep it in good condition by covering it with a deluxe cover. Using a lid will prevent your oven from snow, rain, and sun that can shorten its lifespan. Moreover, your oven remains clean and ready to use. When purchasing a cover, look for one that is waterproof,  of high quality, and heavy-duty.

4. Outdoor Pizza Oven Tool Set

The pizza oven tool set comes along with four pieces- a peel, a log hook, a spinner, and a bristle brush. These tools have long handles that make them safe to use even in a deep oven. The products are rust-resistant because they are made from stainless steel.

5. Thermometer Gun

Every recipe is simple and unique and each needs a specific temperature. Unless you use an infrared thermometer gun, you can’t tell how hot the oven is. Failure to use a thermometer can lead to undercooked pizza, especially if you are a newbie. Another benefit of using an infrared gun is you are sure of accurate readings compared to using the oven thermometer.

6. Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter is a perfect tool to help you cut your pizza into equal pieces. The cutter is made from stainless steel, and you can easily clean it in the dishwasher machine. It has a protective cover for better storage. 

There are two categories of pizza cutters.

  • Wheel cutter- this cutter is safe to use, has lots of options, and it’s safe for children.  The wheel cutter has been there for decades, and some people still love it.
  • Rocker cutter- this is an excellent cutter to impress your friends or relatives. It has unique designs, and it’s easy to hold. 

When getting any of the above cutters, consider factors like design, sharpness, and material used.

7. Sharp Kindling Axe

An axe will help you to break the firewoods into the required sizes. Every stage of fire requires different sizes of firewood. For example, when starting a fire, you need a small piece of wood to light the fire faster.   

6. Rakes or Brushes to Move Wood 

Your oven must have firewood to burn in the middle of the oven. These woods must be moved back or side to keep the fire on. The process of moving the log depends on the oven. If you want to move the pole back, embers rake is the perfect tool to use. While moving twigs to the side requires you to use an Igneus brush.

7. Electric Fire Lighter

Once you are done setting up your wood, the next thing you need to do is toset it to flame.You don’t need to use the old technique whereby you get a match tostart a fire.Instead, use the electric firelighter, and your cooking process will not be complex.

What Equipment Do You Need To Make Pizza?

Making pizza at home is easy if you have excellent cooking skills. The only setback can be not having the right tools to use. Here are some tools you should have in order to make a perfect pizza.

1. Kitchen Scale 

When making pizzas, you need a digital kitchen scale to help you weigh all the ingredients accurately. If you use a measuring cup, you may get the wrong measurement of the dough that will affect the result.

2. Dough Mixer

A mixer helps you save time since you only need to connect it to power and it mixes the dough for you.

If you are producing pizza for your family and cannot afford a mixer, this should not worry you. You still use your hand to mix the dough.

3. Pizza Peels

There are two types of pizza peels:

  • Metal pizza peels that you use to pick pizzas and put them in the oven.
  • Wooden peels used as a surface to make pizza. 

If you want to make several pizzas at once, you should use one metal peel, but you will use several wooden peels. 

If you don't have the pizza peels, you can use the steel pan or the cast iron. You just spread the dough in the pan, top the pizza then put it in the oven.

4. Chef Apron 

An apron will protect you from stains that can ruin your clothes. Also, it will make you look more professional while preparing your customers’ or friends’ pizzas. Consider wearing a dark apron it’s good for concealing stains    


Whether you are making pizzas for home use or customers, you need the abovepizza oven tools and equipment. These tools will help you make and present pizza like an expert. If you have doubts about which tools to use, hope this article will help you make the best and delicious pizza for your customers and family.

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