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8 Misconceptions About Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

There are many misconceptions about wood-fired pizza ovens.  These may mislead you about all the benefits of wood-fired cooking. For example, it is a perfect way of cooking many different food types.  Many find food cooked in this manner more enjoyable than traditional cuisine.  

Debunking The Misconceptions About Wood Fired Ovens

Below are the common myths associated with these pizza ovens. We are going to debunk these  misconceptions about wood fired ovens for you. This way you will feel confident in using this type of outdoor oven.

1. Only Pizzas Are Cooked In A wood Fired Oven

Based on the name “pizza oven” some think this is the only type of food that this cooking vessel is suitable for. High-temperature cooking leads them to think these are not ideal for other foods.

Many own a pizza oven and use it for all types of different dishes. Which includes:

 1. Many different types of meats
 2. Casseroles
 3. Bread
 4. Vegetables
 5. Fruits
 6. Deserts

     And many more.

    2.  Food Cooked In A Wood Fired Pizza Is Not Healthy

     Several misconceptions exist about these types of ovens. Some suggest this is not a healthy way of cooking.

    Unhealthy Food Choices

     Pizza gets classed as “junk food.” This is because of processed pizzas. Some of which may contain unhealthy ingredients.  Assumptions are often reached that food cooked in a pizza oven is not healthy.

    Those who are cooking pizza in this type ofoutdoor oven like to make their pizzas from scratch. When they do, they use the best of fresh ingredients. Many believe pizza cooked in this fashion can be healthier. It is because they rely on fresh ingredients and cooking with a high temperature. Cooking pizzas fast allows for preserving the antioxidants and the nutrients. These exist in the fresh choice of toppings can contain.

    Promotes Slower Eating Habits

    Food that comes out of this type of cooking vessel is extremely hot. Those who are going to enjoy it need to eat at a slower pace. It promotes slower eating habits, which is a healthier way of eating.


    Food that did not cook all the way through can not only be unappealing. It can be unhealthy. The wood oven allows for even heat throughout the oven.  It means the food cooks evenly from all sides and both from the top and the bottom.

    3. Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Are No Good For Cooking Bread

    Sometimes bread makers get misled into thinking that the pizza ovens are no good for this. They may think the temperatures get too hot and there is no control over this. It is a myth. Successful bread makers have put this to rest.

    They have discovered that they have more control over the oven's heat.This comes with getting use to this type of oven.

    They can make many different breads. They have soon learned to adapt their favorite recipes for this type of oven.

    Something else they enjoy is that there is more room for making several loaves of bread. Compared to a conventional oven. Based on This outdoor oven can keep its heat for long periods, it's easy to cook several loaves during one oven use.

     The quality of bread baked in the pizza oven is second best to none. Those who make bread this way insist that the bread has a better taste and flavor to it. They also find the texture to be better.

    There is no better way of cooking flatbreads than in this type of oven. Flatbreads need a blast of intense heat, and this oven can do that. Plus, they cook quicker.

    4. Do Pizza Ovens Crack?

    It is normal for surface cracks to form in the dome of a pizza oven. Some think if this happens, the pizza oven is no good. It is a myth that can deter a lot of people from enjoying this way of cooking.

    These cracks are superficial and will not affect the way the oven works.  If it is a deeper crack, then it could affect the way the oven performs. Either way, cracks are super easy to fix. There are repair kits for this . It is a matter of applying the compound to the cracks, and the oven will be as good as new.

    5. There Is No Right Or Wrong Way To Build A Fire

    Pros who use this method of cooking insist there are proper and wrong ways to build a fire needed. They are correct, although there are different techniques used for this. It means that there is not only one way to do this.

    Building a fire the wrong way may still allow it to ignite. Still, it may not get enough air to enable the fire to burn. It takes time to bring the oven up to temperature.

    6. You Can Use Any Wood In Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

    There can be some controversy over the types of wood these ovens need. It can lead some to believe that any wood will do if it burns. It is a big misconception. One that can affect the oven's operation and the pleasure that comes with this type of cooking.

    The consensus is that only seasoned hardwood will bring the best results. It can include some fruitwoods that many use to infuse their dishes with extra flavor.

    7. It Takes Too Long To Cook In An Outdoor Oven

     It can indeed take some time to bring the wood burning pizza oven up to temperature. Many that are in the market today heat faster than some of those from the past.

    Remember that once the oven has heated, you can cook the food fast. For example, a pizza can cook in three to five minutes. Provided the oven has come up to the proper temperature.

    After pizza, you can cook many different types of food. If you are entertaining you can cook a lot of different foods in little time.

    8. You Don’t Need A Door For A Pizza Oven

     Some who don’t understand how a pizza oven works think this oven doesn’t need a door. It is only true if the food requires an open flame for cooking. Many other types of foods do not need a flame, which creates a need for the pizza oven door. For example, when roasting dishes in the oven, it may need to have the oven door closed for some time. When cooking bread, the oven door may need closing at different times during the process.

     All in all

    You now know about the common misconceptions of wood-fired pizza ovens. They won’t influence you about owning this type of pizza oven. Instead, you will be able to enjoy your cooking experiences to their fullest. It is an easy and fun way to cook and comes with many benefits. 


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