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4 Best Woodfired Pizza Ovens Brands In The Market And How To Use Them

If you want to buy one of the wood fired pizza ovens, you are going to want to know which is the best one to buy. There are different makes and models that vary in size, style and materials. Without knowing something about these it can be difficult to choose. Here you are going to learn about the important things that some of these have. You can decide how these fit into your wants and needs when it comes to this cooking vessel. You will be able to make an informed decision about which oven to buy.

Some things you will like about the pizza ovens. Such as the size or style. There will be some not at the top of your list like being able to customize them. You want to  pay close attention to the following. 

What Are The Best Wood Fired Pizza Ovens?

Things To Research

Consider the following for pizza ovens for home to reduce the choices you have. These are:


What space do you have for this type of oven? Determine this by deciding it you are going to use it in your outdoor entertainment area or your indoor kitchen. You have these  options, but this will depend on the model of pizza oven you choose. You want to feel good about the way it fits in with where you entertain. At times you will need to move around your oven. You also want it in an open enough area where the oven  smoke  will not bother you or your guests. You can consider one of the portable pizza ovens if space is limited.


You have a choice of several different models. If you are going to stay at your present locale for a long time, you have the option of selecting a built-in pizza oven. These are heavier than portable pizza ovens, or the countertop, and mobile pizza ovens.

Quantity Of Food

Some  only want to cook enough food for their immediate family. Where others love to entertain, they will want a larger oven. You need to think about the years to come and whether your current needs will change.These ovens last many years. Your lifestyle may change. Cooking for a small group may be your purpose now, but you may want to entertain more in the future. You may need a bigger oven.

The Design And Brand

You want to consider the design of the pizza ovens for home. This determines the way the pizza oven cooks .  The materials used in the making of it do the same and is important for its longevity. You are looking at this for residential use and not commercial  Different manufacturers use different materials when making these ovens, such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Steel

And other materials

These affect the way the oven works. It also depends on the Brand. Research the various brands, makes, and models. The manufacturers highlight the materials and designs they use. It will help you decide whether that particular oven is for you.

Type Of Fuel

There  are different fuel sources besides wood, such as propane or pellets. The wood-burning pizza oven is popular with a lot of people. It is because of the efficiency in the way they cook and the quality of cooking they provide.


Price is important to you.  They range in price according to size, style, and brand. The cost of the oven should not be your main concern. It is how well the oven is going to meet your needs that is important. If a specific oven's features are not important for you, then go for another less expensive model.

Best Pizza Ovens In The Market

Shopping for an outdoor wood burning pizza oven is  exciting.  You are investing in an item that is going to allow you a different way of cooking. Take the time to check into the different brands and what they can provide.  Some Brands have some excellent feedback for their ovens. This allows you to learn about the experiences others have had with a particular oven. 

Here are some that have made a lot of pizza oven owners happy.

1. The Chicago Brand Pizza Ovens

This manufacturer designs their wood-fired ovens after the Neapolitan oven. It means cooking pizza at a higher temperature in a shorter period.

They make their ovens in America as opposed to importing them. They have stayed with the design of the igloo shape for the dome. The company has focused on detail. Such as designing a flue system that doesn't allow smoke to flow through the front of their pizza ovens. They have patented technology called FlameRoll™. It allows these pizza ovens for home to create a vacuum for the concentrated heat that this oven collects. What this allows for is for the cooking with three different types of heat, which are:

  • Radiant
  • Convection
  • Conduction

This pizza oven manufacturer has also been attending to the aesthetics of their products. There is a visible in-chamber fire in some of their models. It allows others to enjoy seeing this oven in action.

2. Authentic Pizza Ovens

What stands out about this brand of wood-burning pizza ovens is that experienced artisans handcraft these ovens. Their locale is in Portugal in the tiny town of Lisbon. They are all one piece with no pre-fabrication. The oven components are natural materials. These ovens have triple insulation to ensure they  meet Authentic Pizza Ovens' high standards.

With these ovens being hand-built, they have met some outstanding criteria. It has made several of the Authentic Pizza ovens popular among all types of pizza oven buyers. Some of which include:

Authentic Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli Countertop Pizza Oven

The triple insulation ensures this oven can provide flawless heat circulation. It occurs in the internal section of the oven  The same insulation allows for the oven to remain cool on the exterior. For about three hours the heat of the oven is easy to maintain.

This oven's construction is within keeping of the dome oven's traditional style.

What so many outdoor wood burning pizza oven buyers enjoy about this particular model is that they can personalize it. Thus, it fits in with their specific décor.

It is an ideal oven to use as a countertop version if the owner prefers to use it indoors.

For those who plan on cooking a whole lot of pizzas, this is the one they will want. It can cook 150 , 10 inch pizzas  in an hour's time. Or for bigger pizzas like the 12 inch, it can cook eighty of these  in an hour. It means it takes about 3 minutes for each pizza.

Authentic Pizza Ovens Maximus Prime Countertop Pizza Oven

It is another popular pizza oven line in the Authentic Pizza oven line. It has a patented barrel design that is under patent. This design allows for a 900+ degree circulation of oven heat. Users can get the perfect flame needed for cooking the best pizzas and other tasty foods.

These ovens can withstand diversified climates found throughout the United States. Even though made with materials found in Portugal.

3.The Alfa Brand

Alfa has been making pizza ovens for over forty years. Yet, they are still focusing on modern technology. They insist on using the best Italian materials and Italian craftsmanship. They focus on the design of these ovens so they are compatible with the locations they are used in.

These ovens are quick to light and reach the desired temperature fast.It is a great benefit that the Alfa Brand delivers.

In 60 seconds, you are going to have a fully cooked pizza. You will enjoy how easy these ovens are to clean, which takes on an average of five minutes.

This pizza oven manufacturer relies on Forninox technology. It allows them to join the steel components with the firebricks they use. Another technology incorporated into their wood-burning pizza ovens is the Compact flame technology. It means this is a high flame pizza oven that you can use in a safe way in the smallest of places. Some of the significant features of the Alfa brand pizza ovens are:

  • Mobility
  • Design
  • Easy install
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Time saver
  •  Energy saver

This Company makes an outdoor wood burning oven pizza that will serve all those who want a top quality oven. Among their product line is:

  • Built-in models
  • Countertop models
  • DIY pizza oven kits
  • Mobile pizza ovens
  • Portable pizza oven

Which style and model are the best depends on what you want. Alfa has a wonderful selection of pizza oven models. Some which are very popular are:

Alfa ONE Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven FXONE-LRAM

It is aportable pizza oven weighing 110 pounds. It takes five minutes to put together, and it can go from 0 degrees C to 500C in ten minutes. You can enjoy an incredible tasting pizza cooked in a perfect manner in 90 seconds. 2 inch small pieces of wood are all you need to fuel this portable oven.

Other popular ovens within this brand are.

  • Alfa Ciao M Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven FXCM-LG
  • Alfa 5 Minuti Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven FX5MIN-LRAM

4. WPPO Woodfired Pizza Ovens

These are woodfired pizza ovens made by a privately owned company. They take great pride in the ovens they produce. They have set a mandate for themselves. That revolves around three major factors, which are:

  • Putting their customers ahead of the company's profit line.
  • Insisting on quality instead of pushing out the volume.
  • Impeccable customer service.

This wood-burning pizza oven manufacturer does everything in house. Such as:

  • Developing all the products.
  • Testing to make sure they are flawless.
  • The complete manufacturing of each oven that will be in the market.

This company is one of North America's prominent manufacturers. It is because of their mandate and the criteria they have placed on themselves.

There are several attributes that the WPPO pizza ovens have, such as:

  • This company uses the best in materials.
  • The company relies on only the highest quality of professionals from the beginning to the finish.
  • Their motto is that their wood-fired ovens depict “Togetherness.”

How Much Is A Wood Fired Pizza Oven?

It is one of the first things that gets asked about wood-fired pizza ovens. The cost for these can vary. Some of the factors that will affect the pricing of these are:

  • The brand
  • The size
  • The materials
  • The model and style

Here are some examples:

The Authentic Pizza Ovens Pizzaioli Countertop Pizza Oven. It is one of the wood-burning pizza ovens that we talked about in the best pizza ovens to buy. This model is available at the great price of $2,250.

Another similar model is the Authentic Pizza Ovens Lisboa Custom Builders Oven. It sells for a little less at $2,150.

Both are Authentic Pizza Ovens but have slightly different designs, such as:

The Pizzaioli door height is 8.5” and the unit's weight is 1200 pounds. The Lisboa has a door height of 13” and the unit weighs 1100 pounds.

The Pizzaoli is a little more expensive because of the external dimensions being a little more compact. What contributes to the price difference is the Pizzaoli is a little more compact with its external dimension. It has a wider door compared to the Lisboa and it is comprised of more materials making it 100 pounds heavier.

High-End Pizza Ovens

Some want to go for a high-end wood-burning pizza oven. Then again, they will want to look at the one we reviewed under the best. Which is the:

Chicago Brick Oven CBO 750 Countertop Pizza Oven CBO-O-CT-750

This Chicago brick oven sells for $4,199.

Some metrics make this pizza unit pricier than some of the others.

First, Chicago Brick is a high-end brand for pizza ovens.

The design of this oven is different compared to many of the others. The design centers around the way the unit handles smoke. It allows heat and smoke to draw across down in a horizontal path.  It continues in a vertical path down the sides. The smoke and heat move around the back of the oven away from the front. The smoke will not shoot out the front of the oven, making it unpleasant for those who are cooking.

Freestanding Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Consider a freestanding wood fueled pizza oven. These come on a stand and are not the same as countertop models. These are also called mobile wood-burning pizza ovens.

They can range in price from $1,898 up to $5,400.

There is no sacrifice in a wood-burning pizza oven's fantastic features. Some of these models can cook up to five pizzas at one time. Some  don't need any curing. These are different based on the weight of most of these. Which can be about half of what the countertop pizza ovens are. These models don't need as much wood to bring them up to temperature.

There Is Nothing Wrong With The Wood Burning Pizza Oven

Some common things can go wrong with a wood-fired pizza oven. It is not an indicator that there is something wrong with the oven. It doesn't have anything to do with the brand, price, or style and oven model. It's possible The user is making some mistakes. These mistakes are common because the user does not understand the following.

How Long Does A Wood Fired Pizza Oven Take To HeatUp?

Every wood-fired pizza oven depends on the brand, make,and model. Thus, they will each have an average time that it will take for them to heat up.

The Allegro freestanding outdoor wood-fired pizza oven is fast to heat up. It only takes 10 minutes to reach the necessary cooking temperature.

Other factors will affect the way the oven comes up to the desired temperature, such as:

  • The size of the oven.
  • The type of wood used.
  • The current weather.

This type of oven will take about one hour to heat up on average. Some owners have found it can take up to two hours.

If your oven is heating within this time range, there is nothing wrong. If, you are not able to get it up to temperature, there may be a few things that you are doing wrong, such as:

You are not using the right type of wood, or the wood has not cured in the proper way.

The wood needs stacking in the proper way in the oven floor center, and you may not be doing this.. The fire may not be getting enough air circulating around it.

You are not using a proper thermometer to check the oven's heat. Good quality ovens come with a built-in temperature gauge.

How Do You Cool Down A Wood Fired Oven?

You may want to cool down this pizza cooking unit because it is burning too hot for what you are cooking. If you have completed your cooking you want the oven to cool down.

If you want to reduce the temperature for cooking purposes, there are a few things that you can do, such as:

  • Don't add any more wood to the fire.
  • Spread the ashes out a bit, then they don't burn as hot.
  • Make use of the pizza oven door. The door will allow you to control how the air is fueling the fire. If you want to reduce the temperature substantially, open the door. If you only want a slight reduction then close the door part way.
  • Avoid adding any more wood to the fire if you are not going to cook anymore. Spread the ashes out to let them cool down. Once they have cooled, you can rake them into a fireproof bucket. Leave the door off to let the air cool the oven down.

What Kind Of Wood For Wood Fired Pizza?

Something else that can make the oven appear as though something is wrong is because of the wood. There are different varieties of wood to use. There are a few rules that need following when it comes to wood for this pizza oven, which are:

  • Use only hardwood.
  • You need cured wood, which means it is dry.
  • Do not use wood that contains any chemicals.
  • You can use different fruitwoods. These burn at different temperatures and create different levels of smoke.

These are three common things that can go wrong when cooking in a pizza oven. But they are not as a result of something being wrong with the oven itself.

The Extras

The best wood fired pizza ovens are going to be what you focus on. You need to feel that you are buying the one best for you. You are going to want to know what you are getting for your money. Sometimes some gifts come with your pizza oven. It may include a quality made roasting pan that is perfect for this type of cooking. Or the extra may be an accessory kit. Then for some of these ovens, they come with a repair kit. It is for sealing minor cracks, which is common with some of the pizza oven models. The cracking does not mean that the oven is inferior in any way.

You are going to have to decide what pizza oven that you want to take home. You will need to choose from traditional pizza ovens or modern pizza ovens. A third choice is the DIY pizza oven kits.

Each of these has its offerings. We mentioned earlier what kind of research you need to do. You will also want to make your purchase by deciding on what you want. For example, if you prefer the look of the traditional pizza oven, or if you are more attracted to the modern styles.

Summing It All Up

Here we have focused on four well-known and respected best wood fired pizza ovens. Within each of their product lines, they have several makes and models. We gave an example of each of these according to the brand.

All of the features and benefits that these examples possess is what you will want to focus your attention on when choosing thewood fired pizza oventhat suits you best. The information we have outlined here  allows you to make an informed decision.

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