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11 Do's and 10 Don'ts of Using a Wood Oven

Knowing what you can do and should not do with a wood oven will set you up for success. When you want to cook using this type of cooking vessel. You will be able to avoid potential problems and you will be able to do everything in the proper way. It is going to bring you the most pleasure that comes with this type of cooking.

Dos For Using a Wood Oven

Know The Reasons Why And What You Want From Your Personal Pizza Oven

 The first thing you want to do is decide your primary purpose for having one of these. These would differ if you were buying a personal pizza oven rather than one for a business. Then you will be able to choose from those that meet your criteria.  For your personal use, you will want to consider:

The space that is available: Pre-plan for space where you can use your oven in the best way. It should fit properly  into your outdoor entertaining space.  There should be room for the smoke to be out of the way of the chef. If you are going for an indoor model, you want enough space to work around the oven efficiently. There should be plenty of ventilation.

The cooking: You need to determine how much  time you will spend on cooking  and the quantities.   Alarger sized oven will be a better choice if you are cooking for several family members or lots of friends.

Design and Materials: There are many choices of design and types of material that they are made of.  These are what makes the ovens efficient. You can choose a brick oven or one made from stone or steel or other materials.

  • Learn The Basics

  •  Learn how to use the wood oven the way it is intended to be., This is where the instruction book comes in handy. It will help you to set up your wood pizza stove properly and give you some essential tips.  Be sure to check out the troubleshooting section. 

  •  Cure The Oven If This is A Requirement

  •  Some of the wood burning ovens like the brick ovens  need  this before their first use. Especially the brick ovens. It is a procedure to remove any moisture that may be in the bricks. If your oven model requires this, do this slowly and usually for five days.

  • Choose The Right Location

  •  You want to put your oven in an area to protect it from the weather. Where it can be adequately ventilated, and used safely.

  •  Choose The Right Firewood

  •  What wood you use can change  the quality of your cooking and the way your oven performs.. Use hardwood that is appropriately aged. Otherwise, you will have difficulties bringing the oven up to temperature.  Also the temperature could fluctuate.

  • Use The Right Technique for Building The Fire

  •  There are different techniques that you can use for starting your fire.  Remember that you need to  make sure that there is proper airflow..  Otherwise, you will struggle with getting the fire started.

  • Maintain The Temperature

  •  Once you get the oven up to temperature, you need to maintain it according to what is best for the food you are cooking. Otherwise, part of it will overcook, and other parts will be under cooked.

  • Use The Door of The Oven Properly
  •  Those who are new to this type of cooking often ask, do you close the door on a pizza oven? It would be best if you determined what's needed to maintain the temperature. If the temperature needs to be reduced, then the door can be partially or fully closed. If the temperature needs increasing, open the door. It allows for more airflow provided there is enough wood to fuel it.

  • Clean Out The Ashes After The Oven Has Cooled

  •  It is a good habit to get into as the oven will then be ready for the next use. If you allow ashes to build up over several oven uses, it will be difficult to get the fire started and to maintain it.

  • Use The Proper Equipment

  • There are various accessories that you can use for your oven to help with cleaning and cooking. Use those that are appropriate for this type of cooking vessel.  Using the wrong ones means that the high heat could affect them. Or they may be too harsh and will damage the oven.

  • Use The Proper Cleaning Methods

  • Cleaning your oven will not be difficult, but it is something you should do as needed. This is aside from removing the ashes after each use.  A lot of the debris will burn off as a result of the high heat. But, food can get stuck to the oven floor, and you will want to clean this. Also, keep your oven aesthetically attractive.  It means cleaning any soot build up on the exterior.

    Don'ts For Using A Wood Oven

    You will want to do everything in the proper way  when using a wood oven. It means knowing what errors you could make  with your personal pizza oven and avoiding them.

    • Don't invest in this type of cooking vessel until you know the basics. Otherwise, you may buy one that is not going to suit your purposes.
    • Don't assume that cooking with wood is the same as cooking with other methods. There are specifics that you need to learn about this method of cooking. For example, you may need to alter one of your favorite recipes to be compatible with this type of cooking. 
    • If The oven needs curing, don't rush this by trying to  do it fast as it could cause cracks to form in the dome.
    • You do not want to put your countertop oven or mobile oven on a table that cannot hold its weight. Most of these weigh over a hundred pounds.
    • You do not want to use your oven indoors if you cannot cook in a well-ventilated area. This cooking vessel needs air to help fuel the fire.
    • Don't use any wood that contains chemicals or sap as this can damage your oven and be harmful to your health.
    • Do not overload the oven with wood or use big logs, thinking it will heat faster. If you do then, it could hinder the airflow and impede the fire. 
    • Don't use products that are not compatible. For example, using the wrong wood pellets. Or using a repair kit that is not appropriate  for the repairs needed. 
    • Don't leave the flue open when not using your pizza oven. If you do, debris can get into it from the environment and clog it up.
    • Don't leave this unit uncovered as it needs protection  from the weather  or if you are near saltwater. Adverse weather conditions and saltwater spray can affect the finish of the oven.

    All in all...

    There seem to be many dos and don'ts for the wood oven. They are easy to remember. you will become more comfortable and you will enjoy cooking this way.  The more you apply these tips the better you will become with your wood burning cooking  and you will want to make other dishes.

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