5 Steps To Set Up Your Pizza Oven Rotisserie Spits

Rotisserie consists of cooking food on rotisserie spits. These are solid rods used as support when roasting chickens, beef, pork, and other animals. Its nicknames include rotisserie grilling and spit-roasting. In medieval times, horizontal spits were placed over bonfires. This allowed the hard-working people to cook high quantities of meat at once. Now, there are options for conventional and industrial stoves. Understandably, this can seem overwhelming when you are a first-time user. Continue reading for in-depth guidance when setting up your spit kit.

Why are Spits Preferred?

A spit is a rod that holds the meat and allows cooking it over a heat source like burning coals or like fire. Do you want to achieve an exquisitely balanced roast, no matter the form of meat? If yes, a spit is ideal for you. While roasting, an electric motor rotates the spit slowly as cooking progresses. 

  • Many people struggle to cook their Thanksgiving dinners inside their homes. The heat builds up and family members are loud. In addition, conventional ovens are small, which often causes the meat to cook unevenly. This causes dry patches in only some areas, while other pieces of turkey fulfill our expectations by coming out juicy and pleasant. Does this happen to you? If you are wondering, Can you rotisserie a turkey? Now you know that you absolutely can, 
  • Spit rotisserie ensures that every inch of meat is covered by the high temperature. By not letting it sit stagnant in your oven with uneven heat exposure - you can have the best rotisserie turkey. Now that you are learning to set up a spit roast, you can save yourself the trouble this year. 

How Does This Work with a Pizza Oven?


In contrast to conventional stoves, pizza ovens are specialized. They are stoves made to reach exceedingly high temperatures. Often, this makes them rotisserie-approved. This ensures an above-average cooking time and a delicious, even roast. 

Most are designed as outdoor, wood-fired units. You may notice them at Italian patio restaurants. Yet, you can find electric and gas-fired models nowadays. 

Do you need a slice of well-roasted pork or some savory chicken kabobs? If so, you need to know how to set up a spit rotisserie in your pizza oven. 

  • Before you start, it is important to understand what you need. This way, you can be comfortable with the materials. 
  • You should also be informed of the safety precautions of performing rotisseries. 

All of that will be covered in the five simple steps below. 

What Do You Need? 

Drip Pan: 

These flat pans collect the flavorful extracts that seep out of the meat during rotisserie. These can be used after cooking to create a savory sauce or a signature broth. Plus, it helps prevent blazing grease fires. Look out for those. 

They tend to occur when cooking oils reach a peak temperature. Then, they combust instead of evaporating safely. The force of the reaction produces a dangerous flame mixed with steam and vapor.

Heavy-Duty Oven Mitts: 

The ideal pair of gloves has the ability to keep your upper extremities safe from the scorching heat that rotisserie generates. They have cuffs that are longer than usual, as their purpose is to protect your forearms. They may also have a cotton lining for flexible comfort and insulation. 

Finally, look for oven mitts with a silicone exterior. This offers ultimate heat protection and a sharper grip. Make sure to carry out a dexterity test before getting your gloves. This way, you do not waste your pennies on a stiff product that does not allow you to cook effectively. 

A Recipe: 

Cookbooks are helpful if you are not sure which sauces will dry out or over moisten the meat. Plus, it offers a realm of delicious alternative ways to serve rotisserie meals. 

Trussing Twine: 

This thread is a reliable option to tie the meat snuggly before roasting it. This helps keep the limbs from hanging during rotisserie. In turn, the meat comes out even, and distal parts won't burn from being closer to the heat. 


There are many types of baskets to choose from when roasting soft meats like fish. They can often be attached to the spit to ease the rotisserie process. This prevents the meat from breaking up into pieces and falling into the drip pan when cooking. In addition, baskets can be used to separate food during rotisserie to avoid cross-contamination of the other items.

Skewers and Accessories: 

Are you planning on cooking some shish kabobs? Do not forget the skewers! You can now find rotisserie wheels with built-in metal skewers. They are designed to simplify roasting many kabobs at once, even if you only have one spit to set up. 

Safety Precautions and Emergency Measures 

  • When confronted by a grease fire, evaluate the size and severity of the blaze to make sure it is not out of control. 
  • Turn off the heat as it accelerates the rate of combustion. But, do not touch or attempt to move the flaming container. There are household items that can be used to put out a small grease fire, like baking soda, flour, or table salt. 
  • To gather some perspective, if the fire is contained in one pot, it still requires an enormous quantity of either of those ingredients to extinguish it.
  • Firefighters advise you to immediately contact your local emergency services for larger flames. 
  • Do not pour water on a grease fire. At the temperature that oil burns, the water will flash-boil. This can cause it to evaporate in the form of a steamy fireball that could result in an explosion violently. 

Step 1: Choose the Right Kit

To begin, make sure:

  • Your pizza oven is approved for rotisserie. Some ovens are not large enough, and they are not designed for this cooking method. 
  • No matter the type of oven, be sure that it has a higher dome, so you have enough space to roast large pieces of meat. 
  • Even when getting a sizable bundle, it is important to consider every item that is included. 

Most of them include prongs. If, by chance, they do not, you can get rotisserie forks. They can be found separately, or you can always reconsider your choice of spit kit. 

These forks can often be attached to the spit. They have long pitchfork-like tines that add grip. In turn, this reduces the chances of the meat escaping the solid metal rod and being wasted. 

Step 2: General Setup of the Rotisserie 

It is important to make sure that everything you need, apart from the spit, is in place before attempting to attach the rod to the oven. This includes:

  • Properly setting up the motor (since it is next to the spit). Before you install the metal bar in your pizza oven, it is wise and advisable to test the suitability of the equipment and make sure the rotisserie spit rotates accordingly. 
  • Be aware of the mass of your meat. Make sure that the spit can support the weight you expect to cook with. You may refer to the next step to lead you through the process of safely placing the meat on the spit. If the directives with your particular kit say otherwise, it is best to follow the product-targeted, detailed instructions. You can use these steps as a guide. 
  • Make sure the drip pan is placed in the middle of the grill or the oven. Place the burners or coals around the pain on both edges of the inner stove. You can get charcoal baskets for this as well. 

Step 3: Setting Food on Spit(s)

Before you start, double-check that you have everything you need. Your spit kit should come with counterweights. They are perpendicular to each set of prongs (or rotisserie forks). It should also come with a back brace (U-shaped pronged piece), screws, and a metal plate. 

  • Start by forcing the sharp edges of the prongs into the meat that you prepared and marinated. 
  • If the meat is too wobbly or unstable, use some trussing twine to secure it in place. 
  • Slide the counterweights up and down the rod as needed in order to balance the weight of the meat in regions that are denser. The head and shoulders of the animal, as well as the pelvic area or the hips, are usually the heaviest portions to support. Make sure to tighten each counterweight once you have decided where to set them. 
  • Next, insert the back brace into the spine of the animal. Once it is secured, add the pierced plate onto the two prongs sticking out of the back brace. Use the screws to lock the metal plate in place. Upon completion of this step, simply make sure that the spine is relatively immobile. 

Step 4: Inserting Spit(s) Into the Oven 

Now that the meat is prepped and the pizza oven is ready, how do you set up your rotisserie spits? When placing a spit, 

  • Situate one extremity of the bar in the designated grove for it near the motor. The other side goes in the spit rod groove in your pizza oven. Some ovens have built-in metal inserts that are clearly identifiable and made for the insertion of a rotisserie rod.
  • If you cannot find the proper insert, or you are uncertain about the insertion quality of your spit kit, contact the company that produces your kit to find out if it is compatible with your oven. 
  • Remember, some materials are not universal. When dealing with high heat, it is important to be confidently certain - not only in the secure installment of the rotisserie but the overall stability of the system. 
  • Additionally, it is common to use multiple spits at once, as it allows you to cook more than one piece of meat at a time. This is useful when planning to make kabobs for dinner or when handling small cuts of meat like birds. On the other hand, one spit comes in handy to cook things like beef, ham, and lamb.

Be careful when handling heavy meat, as it can easily be dropped. Spits are large metal rods that could injure someone, so avoid fumbling around with them. It is much better to ask a friend for a hand to carry and set the spit completely out of harm's way. 

Step 5: Cook and Serve 

Once your spit kit is set up in your pizza oven, you can grill with your recipe or follow general cooking advice. 

Keep an eye on the system as time goes by. If you notice that the bar is not rotating properly or that the food is slipping: 

  • Turn off the heat and address the problem before you do anything else. 
  • If the rod is not moving, make sure the rotisserie motor is turned on. Otherwise, it will not turn. 
  • Seafood should be put in a basket to avoid crumbling since it is soft meat. It can be placed in direct heat or indirect heat. 
  • Fish that measure one to two inches in thickness cook quite quickly, at a rate of 8-10 minutes. A rotisserie chicken needs to cook on direct heat for at least 15-20 minutes. It has to reach a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees. 
  • Beef and veggies, although also requiring direct heat for the perfect roast, do not need to cook as long as chicken does. 

All in all, when your kit is properly set up, and you have a recipe to follow, you are guaranteed a tasty rotisserie dinner. 

Finally, if there is a hatch or a door to your oven, make sure you close it. This is a fire hazard, and you do not want anything to get to your meat and contaminate it either. 


In the end, despite being somewhat intimidating when looking at them, rotisserie spit kits are fairly easy to use. Following the simplest guidelines can lead to the best meat you have ever tasted in your life.

Make sure your pizza oven is suitable for rotisserie, that your kit includes everything you need, and that you are comfortable with the steps to putting meat on the rod. Once you can do this, you must be able to put the rotisserie spits in the oven and effectively cook with them.Here you can check out a reliable and authentic pizza oven spit! 

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