Tips For Making Your Portable Wood Pizza Oven Last Longer

Tips For Making Your Portable Wood Pizza Oven Last Longer


Not everyone wants a built-in pizza oven or a pizza oven counter top model. For them, there are some great options to invest in a portable pizza oven with some extra advantages. One of which is to be able to take this cooking vessel anywhere you want to. There is no doubt that you will enjoy this way of cooking. You will want to be sure that you make your portable wood pizza oven  last longer. What you read here is going to help you with this.

The Do's

Setting Up The Portable Wood Pizza Oven

Image of Alfa ONE Countertop Wood Fired Pizza Oven Inside View With Wood Rack

 When you buy your oven, you will need to unbox and assemble it. Each model will be different. You should find that there will be parts that you will need to assemble. It will also include the instruction manual.  It is the starting point, which is to read the manual first. No doubt it is exciting to get started cooking.  The proper assembly and use will help make your oven last longer.

The Proper Stand

Image of Alfa Forni Pizza Oven Table Stainless Steel ACTAVO

 You will want to use this cooking vessel on a sturdy table. The portable models are lighter than the countertop models. Most will still weigh over 100 pounds.

Where To Set Up

 Airflow for your oven is important so set it up in an area where it will be able to get the air it needs.  It is necessary for maintaining the fire to keep the desired temperature.

Curing The Oven

 If your pizza model requires curing, then this is something you must do before starting to cook in it. Curing takes out the moisture from the bricks.  It should take several days to cure your oven The procedure is to increase the temperature of the oven by a set amount each day. By the fifth day, the oven can go up to its greatest temperature and be ready for cooking.

Seasoning the Pizza Oven

 Your portable pizza oven may not need curing. Some models do need seasoning before cooking for the first time. Operating the oven at its peak temperature for thirty minutes will season it. Let the unit cool. After this, it can be cleaned with paper towels.  They may be some oil present from manufacturing but this seasoning will remove it.

The Wood Fire

 One of the many ways you can make your oven last longer is by making sure you are using one of the different types of hardwood.

Venting The Mobile Pizza Oven

 One common question is if the pizza oven needs venting. The answer is yes as the venting serves different purposes such as:

  • It keeps the wood fire burning in the right way.
  • It removes the excess smoke from the oven, so it doesn't affect the food's taste.
  • It helps to prevent smoke from blowing in your face when cooking.

The chimney allows for venting. It means the hot air from the inside of the oven gets drawn up while the cold air to help fuel comes in from the front.

Starting The Fire

Starting the fire correctly means you are going to get your oven up to the proper temperature and be able to maintain it. To do this, you need to add an amount, which will be less than what the standard models need. Depending on where you buy your wood from, they can provide you with double split wood. You can then take this and split it into smaller pieces that are appropriate for your oven's size.

Some portable ovens work with hardwood pellets. It is best to use the brand of pellets suggested by the manufacturer of the oven.

Proper Cleaning

 Cleaning the portable oven is easy.

  • To clean the inside, run the unit at its greatest temperature for about thirty minutes. It burns off any excess food.
  • You can use a soft dry cloth or a paper towel to wipe the oven down after it cools..
  • The outside of the unit may have some soot on it, which you can with warm soapy water then dried.
  • You can clean the flue by sweeping it after each use. If it's not cleaned, it can cause blockages, and soot will build up.

Storing The Oven

Image of Authentic Pizza Ovens Traditional Pizza Oven Cover COVER100

Mobile ovens should be  fine when left outdoors. It would help if you gave the unit some protection from the environment. Protective covers will help to protect the unit from the elements. It will also help to prevent debris from getting into the chimney

  When the portable oven is not in use, it is best to store it indoors. This particularly important for those who live near saltwater.

The Don'ts

 Don't set up the table that will be holding your pizza oven on uneven ground. If you do, the pizza oven will not sit level on the table, and your food will not cook the way it should. It won't be easy to maintain the cooking temperature.

Do not use firewood that has a lot of resin or sap. It will not burn properly, and the sap will create a lot of smoke and stain the oven floor.

Wood that contains chemicals can damage the interior of the oven and be hazardous to your health.

If the oven requires curing, don't omit to do this. If you do, it could cause cracks in the oven dome. There is moisture in the bricks. and it has come up to temperature too fast without first drying out the bricks.

Splashing water on the fire to extinguish it is not something you should do.  As this could cause damage to the oven and an injury could occur.

When cleaning the portable pizza oven, do not use cleaners with harsh chemicals, as these can damage the finish.

Overall, it may be said:

Some of these pizza oven tips for extending the life of your portable wood pizza oven are to encourage you to get the most out of it. Not following them may not affect the longevity of your oven. But what it might do is cause you to become discouraged with the oven's cooking performance. Then you will tend not to use your oven as often as you intended .


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