The Typical Parts Of A Wood Pizza Oven

The Typical Parts Of A Wood Pizza Oven

The best way to get the most from your pizza oven is to become familiar with all its different parts. They are easy to learn and care for. With this extra knowledge. you will be able to troubleshoot any problem that may arise. 

Your New Pizza Oven

When you receive your new wood oven, very little assembly is needed. If you are going with anoven kit, there may be more work for you to put your oven together. There will be several components that need some assembling. The specific kit dictates how much time is needed to put it together. As you become familiar with the oven parts, you can, at the same time, learn how to put these together. It is also beneficial to know what their purpose is. Understanding the purpose of each part highlights the importance of them.

The Pizza Oven Parts

 The specific parts of your wood burning oven may have some variations. This will depend on the model and manufacturer, but most of them will have the same concept. Some of the parts you can see. Several other oven components are not visible. Each plays an essential role in your oven performance.

1. The Bricks

 Many of the authentic wood-burning ovens use the best firebricks. These work for the dome construction as well as the floor. A lot of the different models use bricks for the vent arch.

2. The Oven Dome

The top of the wood pizza ovens can be in different shapes. The most popular and what some feel is the most authentic is the dome shape. Many pizza oven manufacturers feel that this is the best way to store the heat in the oven and then release it. This shape allows for the reflection of heat, which means food cooks from the top and the bottom.

3. Oven Enclosure

The oven enclosure has several different parts, which is the oven itself and the legs. Then it includes the tray or the hearth of the oven and the walls that are protecting the insulation.

4.The Floor

It is the bottom section of the oven. It is the section where you will build the fire. It is also where the cooking will take place. Brands will use d different materials as well as shapes. Some have a pie shape composed of prefabricated materials. Other brands use bricks, while some use refractory tiles.

5. The Opening

The part of the wood pizza oven that allows you access to the internal part of the oven. It can be different shapes. A typical design is an arch. It is where you can get to the oven floor to build your fire and place your food.  The materials used for it might be brick or stone. Stucco can also be another material for it. Refractory materials are also another option.Some Brands will use this for some of their models. It is the same opening used to clean out the ashes after each use of the oven.

6.The Oven Landing

 If you look at the oven opening, you will see the landing.It is where the food sits before pushed into the oven. It is also the resting place for when the food needs to come out of the oven.

7.The Vent

 At the front of the opening and just above the opening is where you will usually see the vent. Its job is to handle the smoke and hot air accumulated in the upper section of the opening. It connects to the chimney.

8. Does A Wood Fired Pizza Oven Need A Chimney?

Most pizza oven models have a chimney, and it is exterior to the chamber of the fire. It will connect to the vent where the exhausted heat and smoke is. The chimney is the vessel that allows for the heat and smoke to leave the oven. The pizza oven can work without a chimney, but the air movement will not be up to par and this will affect the performance of the oven.

9. Chimney Manifold

It is the connector that joins the vent and chimney together.Without this it would allow the smoke to escape before moving up the chimney 

10. The Door

 Several different types of doors have different designs. Some are free-standing and made of metal. These do not get attached to the oven. Another type is the hinged design. Some doors come with insulation.  It is one of the oven components that allows for the control of the heat.

11. The Thermometer

 Many of these ovens come with a thermometer. Some units have built-in thermometers. Others may come separate and need installing. Which is easy as it will slide into the hole that is usually on the front of the oven. It may be in Celsius or Fahrenheit or both.

12. The Pizza Oven Insulation

 There are several different brands of wood-burning pizza ovens. Each of them will have a preference for what insulation they will use. These are layers of pizza oven insulation that are in the dome of the oven and the floor. It is used to make sure the pizza oven is capable of holding the heat, and prevent it from escaping. It also is what allows the exterior of the pizza oven to feel cool to the touch.

13. The Oven Stand

 Every pizza oven needs to be on a stand that is strong enough to hold its weight. It is usually an extra component that doesn't come with the pizza oven.


 You may also receive some extra products or parts when you buy your oven. Some companies will include a repair kit when the wood burning oven is purchased. Or as an added extra they may include some pizza tools. Then it may be something like a ceramic baking dish, which is ideal for cooking in the wood burning oven.

In Summary...

These are the standard oven parts of a wood pizza oven. They can vary according to the brand and the model, or the oven kit. It  also depends on whether the pizza oven is the traditional size or a countertop or mobile version. By knowing about the various parts of the pizza oven, you can feel confident using it to its fullest extent. If a problem arises with what you know now, you can identify where it is coming from.

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